Speaker Cable Recommendations for Nova + Dynaudio Heritage Special

I’m currently using the NAC A5 but have been thinking if the Which Hat Phantom might be a good idea with the Dynaudio?

I had Phantom with my Dyns (and subsequently with Spendor A7’s when I fancied a change). It’s a very good cable but I felt for the price it should have offered more than it did over the Naim NACA5 it replaced. It’ll suit your set-up nicely but you may want to consider others. I’ve recently bought a run of Kudos KS-1 and to my ears it’s stunning value for money at £34 a metre. It will give you all the musicality and dynamic delivery of A5 and Phantom but more so, well it does in my system. It’s also a nice, bendy slim profile so nice and discreet against white skirting boards.

i didnt think naim recommended woven type cables?, but hey if you like them and you amp is not hot then all good i guess.

Be careful using Kimber with Naim power amps - many years ago I decided to try the 8TC I had been using on my valve amps on my NAP250.2. It was not successful; sound was poor compared to the NACA5 that had hitherto been on the 250, and the amp quickly started to run hot - so hot in fact that I bailed out of the testing pretty quickly as it was obvious the amp was was in some distress. I put the 8TC back on the valve amps where it was much happier. I consequently realised that with its high capacitance and low inductance the Kimber cable was the complete opposite to what Naim power amps require for stable operation.

FWIW, the Nova is likely a bit more tolerant of such cables but I would still try to stick with Naim’s recommended low capacitance and moderately high inductance.

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