Speaker cable spacers

Hi, quick question, any idea where I could source some speaker cable spacers.

Not worried about branding, etc - the type of thing you see in Chord Epic or SuperLumina (examples below).

Having spent the evening tidying round the back of my AV amp and NAPs keen to see if I can keep things a bit more organised for speaker cable and interconnects.

I’m not sure of the diameter of the cables you want to separate but the Chord spacer looks very similar to the CNC machined alloy ones you find for separating pipes in motorsport / automotive racing applications. Take a look at somewhere like Demon Tweeks or Forge Motorsport which may have something in a size suitable for what you need.

Hi James, was thinking very similar, i.e. HT Lead spaces such as those below…

HDMI cables for example are 9mm diameter for example…


Perfect !

I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a nice (albeit more expensive - as is the hifi way!) set of options in the hifi world too - I would have thought this type of thing has a lot more use cases that cable uplifters, etc. Hey ho!

I’m sure there’s a suitably price uplifted ‘audiophile’ option if you look hard enough…

Russ Andrews is missing a trick here :grinning:


The Naim so called spacers actually have a resistor wire between the cables…best left alone.


I never did figure out why the box at one end houses a resistor, yet the one at the other end is empty.

I know its a bit odd, i only found out whilst enquiring if they could be removed to go through some conduit and be put back in place.

I never bothered to ask! Mine run under the floorboards and I had to remove the boxes to feed then through the rather tortuous route. No harm done, though.

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