Speaker cable that I can bend

Hi All

I am moving my hifi around and need some malleable cable. I have a Superuniti and Neat SX2 speakers.

Does anyone have anything they can recommend? White also preferably

Merry Christmas all


While I like the NACA5, I absolutely hate the rigidity of it for my use. I have used Linn K20 for quite a long while, and it works/sounds just fine on my Uniti. While not white in color, it is still fairly un-noticeable.

I believe Chord makes some white cables that work well with Naim, might be worth a look!

Mark Grant 6mm UP-LCOFC :+1: Transparent not white but same design as naca5 and sound great in my system. And they can be bent! :blush:

Thanks guys. Yes flexibility is a must to keep the peace and be able to trace the walls. I use chord right now which is good actually, just wondering if I should try something else as I will need to buy new longer cable anyway.

Ah yes I looked at Mark grant. Only put off by the copper look which isn’t very discreet

Maybe have a look at Witch Hat speaker cables. i haven’t used them myself, but they seem highly regarded and apparently much more flexible than NACA5.

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I’m using Chord Sarsen at the moment with my supernait 2. Can’t comment on performance as I don’t have a lot of reference but it certainly fits the bill in terms of being very discrete and flexible.

Ah yes I was looking at this one. Certainly discreet.

Also read a bit about Audioquest Rocket 11 which has good reviews and seems very flexible.

Witch hat I’ll have a look at too thanks!

I have Phantom cables on the way, but they are black/gray, and N2 is black. The OP wants white cables.

I still use the Chord Rumour X … white, flexible and very discrete.

I think that’s what I have now actually

FWIW, I also bought some 5m lengths of Witch Hat N2 cables to match the SN2´s electrical preferences and gee whiz, they are as inexpensive as they are perfectly satisfactory.

It’s very good value isn’t it. Very tempting indeed. Damn it not being white though!

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I actually find that NACA5 is very good for hugging the wall - and staying there thanks to it’s relative stiffness. Just bend it into position and it stays put.

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How many mm2 is the core?

Nordost white lightning ?

If you run them so they stay upright against white skirting boards.

I agree with Richard here, NACA5 is very stiff, but you can bend it to the shape you need, and unlike many more flexible cables, it will retain that shape permanently rather than springing back into the position it likes.

If you staple them to the skirting they stay there.


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Well yes that’s an option :joy:

Townsend Isolda. Lovely sound.
Had them behind skirting boards so bend easily!