Speaker cable

Anybody know a good match speaker cable for my focal sopra 2 with nap 300dr my current cable is atlas accent 2.0 which sounds a bit light in bass.

I was using NAC A5 between NAP135s and Focal Utopias, very nice, I couldn’t hear any reason to change although the offerings from Witch Hat sound like they might well be equally as good but I’ve not tried them

A forum search will give you the answers, many times over.
You will find the searches say any cable that Naim supply, Super Lumina & NACA5.
Next brand will be Tellurium Q, all are good, but you will get more SQ with the higher end.
Then something you won’t find in the shops, Witch Hat Audio ‘Phantom’, buy direct from them on www .
All the above are especially suited (spec’d) to your NAP300, but don’t forget you should have at least 3.5m per channel.

Have used NACA5 followed by Superlumina with Sopra3 when I had a NAP 300. Both very good. SL has a little more detail with no downside which I could discern. Didn’t try any others but as mentioned above the Witch Hat cables and perhaps the Kudos cables may be worth exploring too. But I don’t think you can really go wrong with the 2 Naim offerings here. NACA 5 is quite stiff though as in not flexible.
BTW your system should not be bass light.

Thanks for reply I must try demo super lumina and naca5 that’s hard to do these days with all these lockdown going on.

I had the atlas hyper 2.0 a few years ago and found a decent improvement going to the 3.5 version.

The 3.5 is fairly expensive.

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