Speaker Cable

So, now that I have ordered my first Naim product - a SN3 - I find that the health of my new integrated amp will be threatend by using a speaker cable which does not conform to Naim specifications…!

I have to say that I currently feel like I’ve been mugged into further expenditure…

It would appear that the excellent Linn K200 cable that my dealer previously installed with my current system will become waste!

I am not happy :frowning:

Advice/comments welcome

I would highly recommend NAC A5 or Super Lumina :relaxed:

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Linn K200 - ? Are you sure…? Not K400…??

Linn K20 is almost Naim NACA4… Which is fine… And is about £5 per meter…!!

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Witch Hat No Nonsense (N2) cable works great with Naim and at £15 a metre is relatively affordable


It appears I have no choice… :angry: Super Lumina? - you must be joking! - I’m retired, and not up for taking out a mortgage…!

Super Lumina was a very silly recommendation, IMO… :rage:

I’m pretty sure your K200 will be fine. The Supernait certainly isn’t going to explode just because you’ve used Linn cable.
You could ask your dealer if he can loan you some NACA5 to compare, but honestly wouldn’t worry about it too much.


Yes - absolutely:

£29.20 per metre - unterminated…

We used Linn K200 with a SuperUniti and then NAP250DR with no issues!

Purchased from a naim dealer, 3.5m lengths.

Eventually upgraded to Superlumina.


I think you should try it with the k200 first, should be ok.
I think someone on here uses it with a SN2 with no problems.

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Thanks Chris :+1: I will check the inductance/capacitance/resistance data with my dealer. I’m sure he will also have some NAC A5 for demo.

Chord Odyssey or Naca 5, loads available on a certain auction site.

Super Lumina may be considered an excellent choice should the OP ever have the itch to upgrade :relaxed:

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I have read from this forum that DNM might be suitable as long as you do not require very long runs. About GBP18/0.5 stereo metre. These are the specifications taken from their website.

DNM Stereo Solid Core Resolution speaker cable
for normal sensitivity loudspeakers
4 x 1.3mm diameter copper conductors
resistance 0.013ohms/metre
capacitance 17pF/metre,
inductance 1.03uH/metre

I have the older one from the late '80s and they sounded pretty smooth and a little roll-off in the highs. Bass is lighter but more articulate/tuneful. I have not tried it on my Naim SN3 as they are too short for my setup.

Used K200 with the Supernait3 for almost a year with no issues.

It’s a good cable and very good value for money. No need to change.

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If you are interested in something different, I would recommend you to try Nordost cables, starting at least with the Blue Heaven or Red Dawn. In my personal opinion the sound is great: clean, fast and precise. It could be an excellent match for your SN3.

Yep, NACA5 all day, tried QED cable with NAP100 and Naim cable made a difference, weightier and smoother, first cable change I heard a difference.

Witch Hat for Naim. No need to feel like you are wrestling a telegraph pole, quality and very pliant.

Superlumina 2X 4m cost 80% of the SN3.
Better buy an Hicap dr for that money I feel.



[Jan 27]:

“I’m using K200 and pretty happy with it. Not too bright, but plenty of detail and a wide soundscape. Used with SN3 & Spendor A7s.

Will probably try a few other options in the future once I inevitably upgrade the SN3, but for now it matches the system well.”