Speaker change or Naim Uniti upgrade

I would get a SN2 and a streamer: Sonos Port or Node 2i if short on funds or nd5xs / nd5xs2 to get the proper naim sound signature.

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This is my pick- to update Atom withB&W685s2 to HarberthP3. Is it big ishue for Atom? Need NAP200 in that combination?

I tried Dream Catchers with my Qute2 when I first got it and was auditioning speakers at home. I found that the larger driver gave me too much “thwack” and no “thump” The lowest bass sounded like it was coming from a cardboard box being hit. I couldn’t get on with them at all. Another reason why listening for oneself is a good idea; we all hear some things differently.

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Yeah so far my hunch is getting a Nova or start slowly changing the system and first get a SN2. Audition seems like a good idea but it’s hard to find the combination I have at home at a retailer. Will decide in the next days…

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Thanks! I am thinking that as well, have you used them with the totem speakers?

The SN2 is the best way to go money wise. :blush:

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Well that depends :slight_smile: as I’d also need to buy a new streamer…

Thanks!! Great reflections. It’s a pity there is no DAB in that streamer though (whenever the Internet is out it’s great, not to mention it’s ease of use is appealing to other members in the house), as well as no HDMI link to the TV? In that sense I am happy to compromise on some SQ. A very different issue might be that a second hand or ex demo Nova might experience issues and warranty wise that’s all gonna be a hassle is my feeling…also other threads here make me worried about just blindly ordering a nova, reading all this : Naim Uniti Nova - worth it?

Thanks for thinking along Mike, appreciate it. But these solutions have no dab or hdmi connections possible, right? That’s a real pity in my view…

Sorry one more question, what is the size of your room, we will move soon and the new living room will be larger yet the tv/audio section is in a corner that’s a bit smaller (just over 16m2). Is the SN2 not too big of an amp for such a fairly small room?

You tend to find that features offering convenience rather than best sound quality appear on the lower end Naim boxes rather than the Classic separates, where they could even compromise sound quality by filling the box with extra electronics. So yes, the Musos and Unitis have HDMI and DAB.
You can always use optical (Toslink) for the TV connection, although it isn’t quite as convenient as HDMI, but then it’s probably more reliable.
As for DAB, it generally has the worst sound quality of any radio format, which may be why Naim don’t include it. You may find it’s better if you live in a country that has DAB+, but we don’t generally see that in the UK.


The Nova has HDMI, but on both that and my NDX2, I connect my TVs with the optical connections.

Thanks for all thoughts and replies. Much has been considered. I decided to audition an SN3 and ND5XS2 yesterday, on Neat SX2 speakers (as dealer had no Totems). Also heard the Uniti Star. What can I say, the separates sounded better, revealing more detail and being more forthcoming than e.g. the Uniti Star.

Was I overall I impressed with it, in a way that I thought that it justifies spending 6000k? Not really. I also think the Totems are better speakers sonically, with nicer vocals and bass. Neat and all sounded great, but overall no wow factor. The combination just didn’t give the impression I am hearing things that are 3 times as good (though it has roughly a 3 times steeper price tag).

On my way back, literally bumped into an audio store that had the totems in their storefront. When I asked about amp/streamer solutions for the Totem, this dealer (who doesn’t sell Naim) argued that the Totems need something of a different character than Naim, and suggested Simaudio (Moon) and McIntosh. Any thoughts on that? Audition here yet to be scheduled. In any case, I felt that if I’m going to spend so much more, I’d better audition some alternatives too. Also the Hegel H390 now comes to my mind.

In a way, I wish I never started serious listening to music haha, this is only opening up pandora’s box. Any thoughts on how to help find the right solution still much appreciated :wink:


Value for money doesn’t seem a priority for many naim owners. It comes down to getting the best you can afford which is why I don’t have a fraim. Last year I bought the cd5si with the nait xs3 which I am pleased with. Now I am considering nd5xs2 and neat sx2 which is why I am interested in your demo listening experience

He would say that considering that he doesn’t sell Naim… Let me guess, he sell Simaudio and McIntosh… We have a good number of happy Naim/Totem owners here. So empirically this suggests that this combo has its merits… If one doesn’t know a dealer well, one needs to take their advice with a pinch of salt, I think – especially if they advise against a brand they don’t sell…

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Glad you are getting to experience things. Totems are wonderfully musical speakers. Think there is some sales talk in there if he doesn’t sell naim.
One thing I will say is if you notice the difference at a dealers, the difference is a lot more enhanced when at home in your own environment with your feet up and a glass of wine in hand!
The sound Changes isn’t night and day as you go up the range but things get more musical in a way that transfers emotions and life from the music. It’s all these subtleties that add up to make a more refined musical experience and the enjoyment that transpires.
Take some stuff home if you can.

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Hey mike when using an optical cable with my tv. If the amazon firebox goes into screensaver mode or an app quits there’s are really loud unpleasant sharp noise that shoots through to the speakers. Do you have any experience with this or know a fix? Thanks :pray:t3:

I don’t have any experience with that @Mon sorry. I only use Apple TV’s and the 2 Panasonic TVs for optical connections.

I did read that the new Firmware updates improves the HDMI reliability.

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