Speaker choice for Naim 252 / Supercap / NDS / 555PS / 300DR

This forum is my point of reference.

Through frequent reading of the various posts I have learned many things.

I have optimized the room, the electronics layout, the speaker layouts and I’m happy with my listening.

But I would like to level up and try an upgrade of my current Proac D48R loudspeakers.

They are great with a beautiful and euphonic sound but I would like to try a further improvement.

Put aside for the time being the addition of the second 555PS for the NDS (in future) I would like to change the speakers.

My room is quite large about 60 square meters.

After selling my Proac D48 R, I will be able to choose from these:

  1. Proac K6 or K6 signature

  2. Focal Sopra 3

  3. B&W 802 D3

  4. Magico M3

Can Proac K6 be considered superior to Focal Sopra 3?

Which would you take if you were in my place?

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I assume you cannot listen to these 4 speakers you pre-selected? Without listening i think that any advice here will be difficult to put into context.

Also it might be worth adding what you liked and disliked in your ProAc’s and what you are looking for in the new ones. Improvements in speakers (starting from a certain baseline) are really subjective and what may be an improvement for your ears can turn into a detriment to others.

For a room that size, I would suggest chopping the 300DR and consider ATC’s SCM150aslt

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This is an impossible choice to make without hearing them in your own room.

However, I would discount the B&W 802D3 on the basis that these tend to only come to life with a NAP500 (or beefier amplifier) controlling them.

Of the others, I question whether the M3 (which stands out as being at a very different price point) would be too ruthlessly revealing and need even better electronics.

A key consideration for me is how to avoid making the 300DR work too hard. This is why I have discounted speakers like the PMC FACT12, most of the Wilson speakers and possibly even the Kudos Titan T808. They need more control than even a 300DR can muster.

That leaves Proac K6 Signature or Sopra 3. I would also add ART Alnico 10 Signature, their 3 way floor stander with the 10" bass driver. Equally Dynaudio Confidence 50 ought to be on the list as well.

Which of those 4? No idea without hearing them in your room.
All are plausible and certainly worthy of being on your shortlist.

Hope this helps, if only a little.

Best regards, BF


My listening point is actually smaller and the rest of the room is occupied by furniture.

Interesting. I have a Linn Klimax streamer and Naim 552 500. I have B & W 804, but a bit bright. Trying the Dynaudio Confidence 20 (£9k) but really need the 30 or 50 to make the most of the system. I am seriously impressed with the 20 though and really want to try the 30 (£17k) or 50 (£23k). I will not look elsewhere as Dynaudio Confidence knock my socks off


My 252/300 combination successfully drives a pair of Kudos T88 speakers so I can’t imagine it being a problem to drive the latest version 808s (I’d read that Derek initially used a 252/300 combination in the development of the Kudos speaker range). Apologies for putting a speaker back on the list!


I currently use the Sopra 3 in a 25 X 17 foot room with a NAP300 initially and now a 500. The 300 had no problem driving them whatsoever. The SQ is excellent but haven’t tried anything else in my room to compare.
I imagine that the Magico M3 would require more than a 300 for best results and are at least 4 times the price of the Focals
If I was considering a speaker upgrade I would look at comparable Wilsons which btw can be driven with a 300 ( I have listened to Sasha with 300) and Kudos 808s based only on the forum info. There is also some experience with the Magico S series with forum members if you search. But of course there is no real substitute to in room auditions if at all possible.

I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts on the confidence 20. I just bought a (used) pair and have them on a 282hcdr/250dr system with ndx2 streamer. The biggest surprise (to me) is that the entire soundstage is behind the speaker . I was going to add Gaia 111 feet (wood floor with a thin carpet over it) but had some problems fitting them (wrong hardware) and the confidence system was so much easier to use and adjust that I ended up using it (and , I admit it- that cool level that came with it).
I do plan to get sandbags and fill the stands at some point. BTW, I think I’ve seen/heard of people that prefer the 20 to the 30 . I’m sure whichever you choose will sound terrific on your system.

I think the Confidence 20 are superb, best I have heard. Placement vital, forward from back and side wall essential, but it is sadly in a dining room (not enough sound deadening sofas and so on, just curtains behind (interlined) and a very thick rug over the most part of the room (not under speakers). Will need to move them occasionally back, aagh, when guests use room. Where did you hear people prefer 20 to 30??? Never heard that I imagine that the 30 will give a bigger sound esp base which I could use. (I had a pair of B&W 802 in the past which were huge sound stage but impossible to move and they went)

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I’ve a similar set up to yours except for an NDX2.
I use Dynaudio Evoke 50. Dynaudio work well with Naim.

In my opinion it is not entirely impossible.

I will certainly listen to the speakers before buying them.

But the experience of other people here who have listened to or had these speakers with a Naim system and especially the Naim 300DR, could be very helpful.

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Actually I wanted to write Magico A3 and not Magico M3 in the first place but now I can’t edit it anymore

I remember reading on either this or the av site of someone who preferred the 20’s and (I think, although not sure) switched from the 30’s to the 20’s. Granted that is only one instance. I have them out in the room, as much as possible. I’m sure with more space around them, they would sound even better. I know the room is less than ideal, but it’s not changing.

And my 52/135s easily drive my Kudos T88s in same size room.
Love them. Probably like hen’s teeth at this point.

I have looked into all the possibilities.

I think the best choice to upgrade my Proac D48R piloted with my Naim system is the Proac K8.

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Magico without doubt. Have you considered Dynaudio as well?

I asked my trusted dealer.

The K8 have been replaced by the K10.

I then confirmed for the K6 Signature.

I hope I have made a right choice and that they are superior to my current Proac D48R.

It will take about a month for delivery.


another vote for Kudos from the floor standing range T606 - T808 - the later are the finest speakers I have heard on the end of NAIM amplication either passive or active

my dealer has a pair of ex demo 707 on his web site

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I heard the Magico A3 against the Proac K6 in the same demo room powered by NDX2/282/250DR .

The Proacs had a certain wow factor upon first listening that I thought would be fatiguing in the long run. I was very impressed by the A3’s overall presentation, and thought they were the better speakers.

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