Speaker connections for Hi level cable to REL Sub - Supernait 3

I assume I can safely connect my subwoofer to the speaker terminals (RELs preferred method) on my Supernait 3?



Connect to the back of the speakers, unless you are using the Bassline Blue cable, in which case it’s fine to connect to the Supernait.

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Paul, you are probably fine with connecting to the speaker terminals. Whether you connect to the amp or speaker terminals generally makes no difference since the high level input on your Rel basically measures the voltage in the amp/speaker circuit and has a very high input impedance compared to your speakers. Disclaimer: there are some amps that do require a specific connection configuration because of their output configuration but Rel has all that information on their website.


I think what you may be referring to is RELs preference for use of the high level (aka speaker level) connection, as opposed to the low level connection from a preamp output which most of their subs also offer.
With most non-Naim amps this simply means connecting the cable supplied by Rel to the power amp output terminals. However, with a Naim amp, neither Naim nor Rel recommend this. There are two possible solutions they do recommend.

  1. Connect the supplied cable to the loudspeaker input terminals. This requires the outer sheath of the cable to be split open so that the cables can be run to both loudspeakers.
  2. Buy a specially modified cable that specifically allows subs to be connected directly to the power amp output sockets. Rel make such a cable which has stackable banana plugs so that you can attach the main loudspeaker cables too, but it’s expensive. Designacable do a much cheaper version of the same cable.
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