Speaker experience with vintage solid state?

Health warning: this is a non-Naim post :grinning:

Happy Easter weekend all. I just picked up my recently restored Pioneer SX-T1000 TW solid state receiver. Full service to bring it back to life so really excited to have it back - have to say it looks amazing. Will add some pics later.

What I’m wondering is: for anyone that has run a vintage 60s/70s SS integrated or receiver, what speakers are you using? I probably need to get something dedicated for this and was initially thinking trying to go down the period correct route of matching some JBLs, Klipsch, ARs, etc.

I’m going to try and test it out with my KEFs / Neats / Q Acoustics that I have around the house But wondering if anyone out there has some other bright ideas?? More than happy for suggestions or to hear from anyone that has experience…

Not exactly what you are looking for and sounds like you have some Q Acoustics already but in my second system I use Q Acoustics Concept 50s with a mid-1980s Sansui AU-G99X integrated amp. They sound amazing with this 165 watt amp. The amp is a beast and still sounds as good as it did 40 years ago. Never needed service either. Good luck searching.

awesome - thanks. I’ll hook up the Qs first and see how it goes

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