Speaker Hiss in Standby

Now a very happy owner of a Uniti Nova but just wanted to check something…
When I put it into standby, after about 20 seconds the speakers start to hiss very faintly.
Is this just normal as it is keeping the amp up to temperature etc ready to go?
If I press standby for longer to put it to sleep the hiss does then stop.

Yes, perfectly normal

so let me get this right:

  • if unit is on and music paused – no hiss (i’m assuming)
  • if unit is in standby – hiss
  • if unit is asleep – no hiss

i understand that it may be normal, but i wouldn’t think that would be considered ok . . .

If the unit is on but no music is playing then there will also be some hiss.

The hiss sound is not there intentionally but it is an inevitable byproduct of the circuit and completely normal. The only way to reduce hiss to absolute zero is to use a relay that disconnects the output when it senses zero signal - but this doesn’t actually stop the hiss, it just hides it.

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