Speaker hiss

Harbeth SHL5+ with NDX2/282/300 and Harbeth speaker wires. When not on mute, I hear a hiss (seems like it’s coming from the tweeter) at any volume. It is not obvious at normal listening distance. Are there any basic things / best practices I should follow to minimise speaker hiss?

It’s just the way Naim amplifiers are. Enjoy it while you can - I can no longer hear it.


Hi jhavar,

How strong is the hiss, heard only when really close to the tweeters?

Probably this is the noise floor of the amp. You could try disconnecting everything but the amp and check if it is changing. If all is turned off and you still have a faint hiss then I think it’s the noise floor and nothing to worry about.

Seconded HH.

Also, with age comes some ear ringing too, it cancels out the hiss for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes obvious when ear is inches from the tweeter. At listening distance of say 3m, it’s JUST about possible to detect with some serious focus and pressing the mute button on and off.

Powerful amp and high sensitivity speakers means some hiss is likely. You can reduce the annoyance by toeing out the speakers, or positioning them further apart.

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