Speaker hum - buzz when connected to Bluetooth device

I have a Naim Nait 5 amp and I just love it with Linn speakers. Pretty old. Pretty good.
However, when I connect the amp to BluDento 5.0 aptX HD bluetooth to play music, there is a hum (buzz) from speakers. I have seen comments from
james_n on Naim 5si hum / Sonos ZP90 to earth the unit. However, this bluetooth device is USB powered and there’s nothing I can attach to earth.
Please help
Thank you so much.

If you’ve got the bits to hand you might try @james_n’s 13A earth pin to rca shell plugged into the digital coax out of the BluDentu. Depending on what else you have connected to the NAIT5, it’s possible there is currently no connection between mains earth and signal ground; ideally there is, in one place only…


Thanks Andy. Let me try it. I will let you know.
All my cables are earthed except BLT unit.
Many thanks.

Hi Andy,
Thank you so much. It fixed the issue.
Now I have to increase the volume a lot than I use for CD player. Perhaps need a pre amp to push the power up from BLT to amp.
Thank you so much.

Glad that worked…

Are you using Bluetooth from your phone?
Can you raise the level from there?

Output from the BluDento should be pretty standard.
Don’t forget the NAIT5 has a ‘level trim’ capability on every input.

Thank you.
Yes, I am using BT from phone. Tried raising vol to max. However, still I have to raise volume.
Searched for trim but can’t locate. What is level trim please? What does it do, and can I use it like an aircraft trim?

Assuming you have an original ‘5’ like mine (no suffix such as ‘i’), this from the manual should explain…

To program the volume control for each input first set the volume control to a comfortable listening level with the loudest source (probably CD). Enter program mode by pressing and holding the prog key until the amplifier volume control indicator flashes. Select the input to be adjusted using the handset and use the vol up and down keys to set the volume to a comfortable listening level. The amplifier volume control will not rotate during this operation. Select a further input to adjust. To exit program mode press and hold the prog key until the volume control indicator stops flashing, or operate any control on the amplifier.

Amazing. I will try it.
Thank you so much.

Hello Andy,
I tried it and it worked! Thank you ever so much.
Just beautiful sound from the bluetooth device. Listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Skjm6glzo
So grateful.

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