Speaker listening distance “Poll”

Hi all

Just sitting, listening to some music and interested to know what sort of distance the majority of you sit from your speakers?

Do you sit about the same distance away from your speakers as they are apart?

  • Less than 2m
  • 2m
  • 2-3m
  • 3-4m
  • 4-5m
  • 5m +

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Re second question not polled, I sit slightly further than apex of equilateral triangle.

Of course there is far more to it! E.g. I have greater distance behind and to the sides of my listening position than in front

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Unfortunately I have to sit and listen on the far end of our couch table, forcing me to sit further away than the ideal position.

My negotiations with my wife has failed, to my disadvantaged I regret to say, in regards to my request for removing the couch table and use its place for a more forward position for my listening chair.

Thus, my listening position is far from perfect.

PS. I have at one, or maybe even two occasions removed the couch table in the absence of my wife and discovered that the “equilateral triangle position “ is the ideal listening position, in my room, to my ears.

I also sit slightly further away than the distance between the speakers

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It’s “funny” that for those of us without a dedicated listening room, negotiating, bartering and compromising with our Significant Others has become an integral component of our hifi systems on a par with power supplies, rack design and placement, speaker/room coupling, source components, etc. Sometimes, this hobby presents an overwhelming set of obstacles and challenges to overcome, including signature or renewal of the domestic peace treaty.


Pretty much an equilateral triangle for me. 3.15m between speakers and to listening position.

Tweeter to tweeter: 2.1m. Tweeter to listener: 2.7m. Originally had them in equilateral triangle arrangement firing across room, same as previous speakers and as set up by dealer. Now moved further from walls and firing down the room. Not easy to shift 39kg speakers but worth it as soundstaging, in particular, is more convincing. As a bonus I now have nice view of the garden from my listening position.


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