Speaker pairing advice

Bookshelf size for UQ2/NAP100. Budget up to £600 secondhand. Tweeter dome on 10 yr old Dynaudio DM 2/7 has taken a whack!
Anyone suggest a really good match, mostly play jazz/blues/prog rock.


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Agon has a pair of contour 1.1 up for sale - supposedly excellent condition. but the pic does show a dimpled dome on one tweeter - probably not enough to hurt the performance. Just over $800, so probably shipping and distance may be a problem. But the price seems good to me (I don’t follow them on-line, so not sure)

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Ok thanks guys. I can nab some Revel M16’s at a good price, but have never heard them… good reviews though.

If you can stretch your budget a bit. I picked up a demo pair of KEF LS 50 for 950 US dollars. Rockin

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