Speaker performance

How do tiny movements of a speaker’s drivers produce such loud music? 85dB on my Iphone app and my speaker’s drivers are barely trembling!

Your ears are very sensitive!

85dB corresponds to an intensity of less than a milliWatt per square metre.

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Your speakers clearly don’t go very low in the bass, as what is in imperceptible vibration of a tweeter dome and up to a millimetre or so at lower mid frequencies, would require several centimetres at the bass end with a cone of similar size.

In simple terms, for equal sound pressure the same amount of air must be moved, i.e. as you double the frequency the speaker diaphragm only has to move half as much air per wave cycle, so the same size diaphragm at 200Hz only has to move move 1/10th as much as at 20 Hz, 20KHz only 1/1000th as much. It is complicated by other factors such as speaker cabinet design, and in particular the human ear’s natural roll off of in sensitivity towards frequency extremes requires even more energy at the bass end to sound as loud, and thus even more movement relative to upper bass and midrange with I am guessing are what you are observing.

At 85dB, not quite 9 o’clock, there is plenty of bass but only a small amount of visible movement from the bass and midrange cones. Nothing visible from the ribbon tweeter at all. The spec says 34hz to 55khz and the sound is great, just little movement.

My Apple Watch tells me that over 80db for an extended period will damage my hearing. I assume that a couple of hours a night is not extended so it’s ok. Sorry……what?..……Can’t hear you.

85dB is peak not average!:grin:

A ribbon tweeter is very fast in movement, I suspect you wouldn’t see anything

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Joke :wink:

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