Speaker Question - PMC FB1+

Hi All,

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of decent used PMC speakers for a very long time. The brands synergy with Naim systems is often discussed and I’ve been curious to try a transmission line speaker. Unfortunately, in my area they rarely come up for sale; however, a pair of PMC FB1+ in excellent condition came up.

They’re a lot older than I was hoping to find (2007) but they do look quite interesting on paper. I wasn’t able to find much in terms of reviews and I was hoping someone might have some advice for me. Any reason to avoid them based on age or characteristics? My listening room is 4.4m x 7.1m (14.4’ x 23.3’), I’d be driving them with a Supernait 2, and they would be replacing a set of Focal Chorus 726’s.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


I had a pair of PMC FB1+ with my Naim ND5XS, NAC152XS and NAP155XS. I loved them, they worked very well in my room, slightly smaller to yours. The sound is neutral and detailed, the low end can go very deep despite being relatively compact. They can tend to be quite bright on some music if the room is not heavily furnished, I moved to PMC Twenty24’s and that cured the bright sound but I miss the energy that the FB1’s gave to music. They seemed quite easy to drive, I never felt I needed more power when turned up loud.

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I used them with a SN1, which could not resolve low end signals. With a better amplifier, however, they were fantastic. I’m sure they will match the capabilites of the SN2 and you will not be disappointed.
Expect to pay no more than £500.

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I wasn’t impressed with an early pair FB1 (non +) tried them a couple of years back.

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I have PMC FB1’s in my No 2 system - with NAC 122X and NAP150X - love them, great speakers.

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Thanks. I think I’ll give them a shot if I can get the owner to agree to a reasonable price. From what I’ve seen the costs are a bit higher in Canada but hoping to get him down to around $1,000 CDN (£580).

You have a nice large room, so many of PMCs floorstanders would be very happy in it. I haven’t heard the FB1 and know no more than is on the PMC website. I suspect it will sound very different from your Focals.

If you’re looking at speakers on eBay, personally I’d be more interested in hearing the OB1 than the FB1… I did plan to audition those once when I heard a number of other PMCs, but on the day it seemed little point as the others were higher models.

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Hi there, I owned a pair of these for nearly 16yrs so very familiar with the FB1’s. The + related to a change in tweeter, the non + (very first PMC domestic speaker) could be a little harsh on the top end with certain recordings. These speakers have great low end due to their transmission line and can be placed relatively close to a wall if needed without ever sounding boomy and exhibit very controlled bass. I later replaced mine with the Twenty 26 and whilst this had a better midrange it was 3 way, I can’t say this speaker was significantly better than my original FB1+. I powered with an Arcam FMJ integrated 100watts and then 2 Arcam FMJ powers with a pre amp, these speakers just improve with more power. At the right price, buy with confidence.


Thought I would provide an update on this thread. Upon first inspection of the speakers I decided to pass; they had some minor cosmetic issues and I felt for the price I could do better. A few days later, and a bit of haggling, I ended up purchasing them for $650 CDN (£380); so why not!

I’ve been listening to them for a couple weeks now and I’m enjoying them very much. My wife isn’t super keen on the somewhat commercial aesthetics but I like them. When compared to my Focal Chorus 726’s, they are more detailed and the soundstage is better resolved. The most interesting aspect to me is at the low end. The Focal’s are 3-way and have two more drivers, and although they were energetic and moved more air, the low frequencies on the PMC’s are deeper, tighter and more refined. Transmission line magic.

Thanks for the advice all.

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Indeed! I was hooked when I first hward TLs nearly 50 years ago.

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I have always loved transmission line speakers, my current PMC Fact 12s just blow me away. I had a pair of TDL’s many years ago, a budget TL and whilst the detail was nowhere near the level of PMC the low end always impressed me. To date, what you have is definitely a sweet spot and at that price an absolute steal, when I owned these they replaced a B&W floor stander of a similar cost, no competition at all, they wiped the floor with them! Enjoy.

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