Speaker Recommendations

Hi all, looking for some recommendations for a floor-standing speaker shortlist to get the best out of a newly upgraded system (CD5SI/ND5 XS/XS3). Currently using an old set of MA silver RX6’s which actually sound the best they ever now, but I’m assuming I can do better.

Room is approx 6.5mx3.5m with solid subfloor, with speakers placed on the longer wall approx 2.5m apart. Ideally I’d prefer the speakers close to the wall too, so perhaps I should avoid anything rear ported (those my current speakers sound great despite this). Budget in the region of £2.5-3k.

Currently considering Dynaudio Evoke 30, MA Gold 200, Neat Sx1, Kef R7.

Thanks in advance…

Well. I went from MA silver 6 floor standers to Russel K 150s

Love them, but they are not super popular with Naim owners…so I dunno😎

How ‘close to the wall’?

I got some ex-dem Neat Xplorers for £3K recently. You’d need to hear them of course, and they don’t want to be tight against the wall, but they don’t need huge amounts of space or huge size to make brilliant bass due the isobaric thing, and are remarkably involving. I think you’ll find them a god deal better than SX-1s if you can find a pair.

If anyone has heard the current version of the Sonus Faber Lumina III, comment would be appreciated - a very different speaker to Neat, but they work better than many when close to a back wall .

The R7s are well-regarded, but I thought they needed space behind because they had rear ports - is that just senility finally getting to me?

For a something different in approach that really wants to be closer to the wall, how about the Klipsch Heresy or Audio Notes?

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Not floorstanders, but you may want to check: ProAc Tablette 10 Sig, Sonus Faber Lumina II, or PMC 25.21i . They can go all the way to back wall, but at least 30-40 cm is preferable. They will need proper stands.

If you can stretch to a little more than SF Lumina you can get Sonettos. Bottom ported so very easy to place.

We auditioned both Lumina and Sonetto and there’s quite a step up in quality. Lumina were discounted almost instantly in fact, whereas across a wide range of music the Sonettos really sing.


Kudos are well liked on here, but there is nothing in their current range in your price bracket, if you must have new… :expressionless:

I’d forget the dyns if you want class to wall placement, I had the little 10’s and they still needed 30cm whereas my Atc scm11 are happy with 12cm

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Thanks for the suggestions so far, definitely a few to consider. For reference, my MA’s are placed around 15cm from the wall, which is pretty close based on recent reading. The MA’s are front ported though so maybe it’s just never been an issue for them.

I could stretch to the Sonnetto III, just need to find somewhere that’ll entertain a loan/demo.

I assume I should be avoiding anything rear ported then, unless I can live with them being further from the wall?

ProAc’s Bass is bottom firing. Not sure on UK prices through

Yeah, been reading about the Response D20D, but they’d stretch the budget. Anyone heard Fyne Audio’s F501SP - ported from the bottom too…

If you want close to the wall forget Dynaudio. They need to be a .5 m off back and side walls minimum, and 1.0 m preferable. Otherwise the bass won’t sound right, and if the bass isn’t right that will have negative impact on the rest of the range, especially midrange detail.

I have owned many Dynaudio speakers. They sound fantastic, but have to be treated with respect when it comes to setup, and amplification (they love lots of on-demand current).


LARSEN speakers they are made to be tight against the wall.4 models to choose from according to your budget.

You want the D20R. In my experience it’s cheaper to buy something right the first time. Also assuming you live in the UK I’m sure you could find a nice pair exdem or used

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Another plug for ProAC D2’s speakers. I started out with a pair of D2’s (Dome Version) with a Nait XS 2 with a ND5 XS and it sounded fantastic. I would recommend you a visit to a dealer for demo and then possibly a home demo. Pricey yes, but if you can find a good used pair or stretch for a new pair you may be happy for some time to come.

Good luck with your search…

I have same source and amplification and run D20R as speakers (with NAC A5).
Auditioned both SN3 and XS3 but the former did not consistently better the cheaper amp in this system.
Speaker has a dark but sweet and laid back presentation, if that appeals, which I think works well with Naim sound signature.
Worth an audition but there are lots of good alternatives as other have mentioned that might suit your musical tastes better.
Good luck and enjoy.

@Tapp you might want to consider trying the Witch Hat speaker cables. D20R don’t normally sound sweet or dark or laid back.

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Some used Naim SL2s perhaps would fall within your budget and go up against a back wall

Thanks for advice.
You appear to have interpreted my response negatively - I actually like set up and presentation.
I’d not be so bold to assume someone else’s musical preferences.
I was sharing my view as the OP and I have similar electronics and suggested speakers were worth an audition which is high praise to me!
I’d add the D20R’s are relatively easy to drive no issue for amp.
WHP cables are a worthy consideration but I’m loathed to change when content.

I’m sorry you seemed to have interpreted my response to be entirely about your system. My point was as a ProAc dealer long ago, and a multiple times owner from the original Response 2 to my current D20R . I’ve never heard ProAc’s sound Dark, or overly Sweet. My experience is that when properly setup , right electronics, cables etc that ProAc’s disappear as a sound source. They are sublimely natural sounding. Airy. Amazingly natural midrange big big sound stage that extends way past the speakers physical boundaries. Great image focus. And both depth and height. Yes they will sound good placed against the wall not toed in, not much clear space to side walls. But this is pretty much the same with any great speakers. Magico, Wilson, B&W and so on. Correct setup , equipment choices, cables all matters

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Budget has crept a little as is often the case. Having demo’d several speakers I’m currently considering the Sonetto III. Very musical, with outstanding mid/high clarity without sounding too bright. The only thing they’re lacking is bottom end. I wouldn’t say the bass is poor, it’s certainly tight, it just feels like I’m compromising lower end for that mid range performance.

Has anyone tried the Neat Ekstra’s?