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Hi - I have NDX2, XPS DR, 282, Hicap, 250DR and Kudos C2 (plus some superlumina connects). Overall I am happy with the system and plan to get a second hicap.

As a next upgrade I was thinking of speakers. They need to be unobtrusive - but deliver more bass than the C2s I have. I guess I have to spend 5-10k.



Bigger/newer Kudos then…!!

Ian - thanks!

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I have Kudos X3’s… :astonished:

But… assuming you like your present Kudos C2’s, it seems sort of obvious to have a look & listen at the newer Kudos offerings… :thinking:

YMMV, of course.

If you like Kudos, I can recommend the Titan 505’s……


if you can afford kudos 606s i think you will be pleased. also their size, small floor standers, and placement capabilities make them pretty perfect for living environments.

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Maybe unobtrusive needs defining… Aside from small, which is hardly the way to go if you want more/better bass, possibilities include narrow frontage, or maybe available in a colour/finish that blends easily with room decor, or perhaps speakers that fit very close to the wall, or even tuck right into the corner. PMC Fact 12s might be meet the first (and secondhand would be in budget (secondhand maximises buying power). An example of a speaker fitting the second, though way over budget even secondhand so not a real suggestion, is Tannoy Westminster Royal IF you have a very large room with period decor such as wood panelling, where it would likely blend in despite rather generous proportions. Otherwise for second there is any number of speakers with nice wood veneers, and a good few available in black or white, and a small number in others colours though that would limit your choice. Naim SL2s might fit the third, but doubtful if bass is adequate, some other speakers can do well like that as well, though often depends a lot on rest of room. Finally one speaker that suggests itself for the fourth approach is the corner horn.

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A mate of mine with a similar system to yours who loves a beefy sound with bass bought Dali Epicon 6s if that helps you. He uses 252/300 amps.

I have a very similar system as yours: XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > SuperCap DR > NAC 282 > NAP 250 DR > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS.

I have enjoyed my ProAc speakers and the D30R or D48R speakers would be something you may enjoy. If you were reaching for the hi-end of the range you could look at the K2 or K3 as well.

As always my comments are expressed with my system, my room with my ears and you may have a different experience. Good luck with your search and future decision.

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art speakers

I have the same source and power amp (NDX 2/XPS DR and NAP250 DR).

For many years I enjoyed the NAC282 with 2xHiCap DR + NAPSC, but recently I upgraded to the NAC252/SuperCap DR.

I am a fan of BBC Monitors, and I own the Graham Audio LS5/9 speakers.

Graham Audio make floor standing speakers, and they produce more bass. If possible, I recommend an audition.

I have 606s which have a relatively unobtrusive design once you get used to it. Be ready for room mode issues however. Have you considered adding a sub to your existing set up?

John - thanks - have not considered a sub - what would you have in mind? Thanks

Have a look at the REL website as they have recommendations based on. Existing speakers. If your speakers are not listed give them a ring, they very helpful.

Thanks - Kudos not on their list so guess I need to call

If you consider adding a subwoofer (or two) I would also recommend that you take a look at Rel. I have a couple of the Rel S series in my system and they do what it says on the tin. They are specifically designed for stereo systems (rather than home theater) and so seem integrate very well and are fast.

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