Speaker replacing

I’m thinking to replace my SL2 with a TITAN 808…how would you describe the upgrade in quality? my electronic is 500 system and ND555 2xps555 source

I have the Titan T88’s, the predecessor to the 808’s
With exactly your source and amps
Fills a very large room with music- plenty of muscular bass and in general a very organic sound.
Never heard SL2’s

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I made this change although in an active set up (2x250 - 3x250). I did the auditions with a single 500. I had been searching for an upgrade to the SL2 (which I loved)for years and the Titan 808 has really delivered, at a price.

The most obvious area is the manner in which they handle bass which is tighter and deeper, but there are large improvements across the board. One other big factor is the 808 will work well in many different rooms, but do test them if you can in yours, as you will spend over £30k once cables are added in. Have fun

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