Speaker spike sharpness

Does anyone periodically (or ever) resharpen speaker spikes ?

Mine are several years old and quite blunt so I think I will run a file over them anyway and see if I hear a difference. I just wonder if anyone actually carried out such maintenance and if you see it as essential, marginal or a waste of time?

Not sharpened but I have replaced mine as they are of a standard type / design. Additionally you might make them worse if you file them - and that’s my point!


If all the spikes are firmly embedded into whatever the floor surface is, I don’t see what a sharper spike can improve on.
If they are not embedded & the speaker is wobbly then that’s another problem (hence why my own speakers have 3 spikes)
If the spikes are on a hard surface, spikes are not ideal, better to change them for one of the adjustable pad types.

On my carpeted chip board suspended floor, I screwed small pozidrive screws into the chip board through the the carpet and levelled them fore and aft first using a cardboard template of the spike spacing for alignment. The spikes then sit in the screw heads and once adjusted level the speaker/stands are very stable and isolated/decoupled from the floor. A bit fiddly to set up but works fine.
Not really suitable for laminated hard flooring etc unless Skeets or similar are used.


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It was just a general enquiry so I didn’t add specifics but I guess I should have clarified that in my case I am referring to speaker stand spikes (Neat MFS on dedicated stands) rather than speaker spikes.

I understood the purpose of spikes was to decouple rather than couple/embed into a floor but this conversation prompted some research and I realise now there are requirements for both decoupling and coupling, depending on the specific application/location of spikes. Referring to the Neat website I see now that spikes are supplied to couple the stands to the floor so evidently my thinking has been flawed for years.

I have tiled floors and fortunately my spikes already sit in Chord Silent Mounts, which are designed to improve coupling (though I thought they did the opposite!)

As soon as my Isoacoustics carpet spikes arrive, I’ll be trying them under my stands.
And may try the same as my Fraim - Chips fit in Gaia 2 spikes well:

And, yes to the eagle-eyed - I need to centre them a bit better!

I use 0,25 Euro coins under the spikes of all my equipment (two Tripod 2 tyer stands, Epos ES14 speakers, turntable stand). Low budget solution, probably not the best, but it works for me.

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