Speaker stand recommendations

I’ve been looking through all the wonderful photographs on the system pics thread and I have been struck by the many and varied set ups and the diverse variations on a theme.

I do like some of the substantial looking speaker stands on there and been impressed by the look.

I have used Mission Stance speaker stands for the last 25 years or so but would be keen to consider an upgrade that would complement my Dynaudio Special 40s and also be aesthetically pleasing.

I quite like the Dynaudio Stand 6 and Stand 20 but feel they are a bit expensive for what they are. Any recommendations folks?

From what I have gathered your special 40s have a potential issue from the woofers breakup and cabinet influencing a ringing effect at a crucial midband frequency - much like most others.
Could be worth looking at a heavy stand designed to help dampen a speakers vibration rather than a traditional light open framed design, although as always your rooms interaction will have the last say.

I had the Dynaudio Stands 20 and they are not expensive for what you get. The build quality and finish is really very good, it has a very good cable routing system. They look very sleek and i would buy them again without hesitating if i had speakers to match. The spikes are adjustable from the top, the top plate has very good rubber feet (or screws for the Evoke 20), it includes a bag you can fill with sand etc.

Depending on where you are located you can get them for around 250-300€ used. But you have an expensive speaker, so i think you could afford these stands at 450€ new :slight_smile:


I’m in Scotland, they are £475 new here, quite steep really.
There’s undoubtedly something nice about matching speakers and stands but I do see a number of heavy looking products that are eye catching and a google search reveals some nice stands at more appealing prices.
I was hoping some forum members might also have some feedback to give on cheaper alternatives to the Stand 20s.

I’d suggest that if you can afford £2,500 speakers you can also afford the matching stands. They look good together and you can be assured that they will provide a good performance. Heavy stands match some speakers well but if you get it wrong they can sound leaden and slow. They can also look really horrible. Why risk compromising the sound and good looks of your lovely speakers?

Yep I’d go with the Stand 20, any decent stand is going to cost you regardless.

£2800, but the request for views and advice on stands wasn’t really about means testing me it was so that I could make a more informed decisions based on feedback on alternatives from knowledgeable members.


I would definitely recommend the Stand 20’s - they are also the recommended stand for the Special 40’s with (as written by conlegno) proper rubber feet and a very good spike system. I replaced my Stand 6 with Stand 20’s. I had to buy the 20’s new as they do not show up often on the second hand market.

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I bought PMC speaker stands a good while before I bought some PMC speakers to go with them. They are very good stands but they’ll set you back £400 now. As others have said a good pair of stands is going to cost anyway so I’d say go with the matching stands for the new speakers as you know they have been designed to work well together.


The best speaker stands i’ve had are the custom design FS206 model. The stands are bolted and assembled and the two central pillars are filled with dense filling, whilst the top plate is an anti-vibration constrained layer damping system. These two things combined your speakers will really sing as well as having large improvements in bass depth and control and i couldn’t be happier with mine and will always reccommend them. It’s really amazing and suprising the uplift in SQ achieved with these stands. When i put my hands either side of my b and w speakers i discovered they vibrated like hell and this is why the stands work so well. They cost me 300.0 from analogue seduction. They’re also well built with a great design too.

how much are the dynaudio stands?

ok. I see 475 pounds. That is a high speaker to stand ratio but honestly I feel that stands are pretty much part of the standmount speaker. In the long run something that is a nice part of your life will be compromised by saving a couple hundred. Even if you think it is unfair…which it may be…Audio life will be better if you buy good stands


I initially tried the Dynaudio Stand 20s with my Marten Duke 2s on home demo. I switched to Solid Steel SS-6 stands. I have a far better SQ now with the Solid Steel and the build quality is superior to the Dynaudios. The price is comparable around £475 new although I got a good deal on mine as ex-demo.


Agree - Custom Design stands are fantastic and great value

My Quadraspire “layback” stands couldn’t bear the weight of my ATC SCM19’s.

Response - email ATC and ask what they recommend, then purchase that.

Result - Atacama HS2.


"HMS2x. I should say…


HMS 2x here as well for my ProAc’s. Great stands. Even better once Atabites are added.

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