Speaker stands for ATC

Currently using Quadraspire “Q6014” stands under my ATC SM19’s.

Just wondering if I could do better.

Any suggestions?

Ask ATC what they recommend?

Partington Dreadnought

I like the Dreadnought Broadside.

On a tiled floor; spikes, spikes on spike cups, bare with blutack or bare?

Hi Mike , when I had SCM 19’s I used Custom Designs FS104 Signature . They worked well for me and looked smart too . I also had some Herbie’s Fat Dots (sorbothane??) separating stand and speaker .

I’m using the Solidsteel SS6. My local dealer uses the same stands for their SCM 19’s. Much more open presentation to the heavier stands I used for my home demo.

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+1 for Custom Design FS104 open stands. Sound great and a bargain at under £200


Ime, the stands that have consistently supported SCM19 MK1/MK2 and SCM20’s effectively over the last thirteen years are the now discontinued Soundstyle XS122’s.

+1 for Solid Steel - I use them with my SCM 11s and they sound good and look great. ATC were using them at a hifi show I attended earlier this year and the guys at my local Audio T praised them highly. Not cheap but beautifully made and good value as far as I am concerned

Something Solid XFII speaker stands for my SCM 19s. Very pleased with them.

ATC recommend Atacama HMS series. Their recommendation’s the best yardstick IMHO.

Just found a pair on ebay… :smiley:

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