Speaker Suggestions for SN2 - Mid Sized Woody Room

ProAc D2R in standard finish are $4500. Leave $$ for good stands. Dynaudio Special 40’s are $3000. and the Dynaudio Contour 20’s are $5000. Stands required

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Thanks Opus, very worthy choices.

Hi, Brunello.
If you are looking for nice relaxed sound, take a look at Spendor Classic series (2/3) or Harbeth (C7 or M30) speakers. Easy to drive and easy to listen for hours. After a huge mistake with ATC 11, I sattled with Spendor 2/3R2 (ex-model). They produce rich sound evan at low volume and they never sound brigh.

Regards, Matjaz

Helpful Sunking, thank you. What didn’t you like about the ATC 11 ?

I have more or less same music tastes and SN2+HCDR and after numerous demos of different speakers have chosen Spendor D7.2 . I’m quite sure you won’t find anything better in that price category (IMHO).

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Hi. Atc’s were too analytical and not musical, somehow dry at least for my taste. Bass was very very limited with my Supernait 1. My friend has the same speaker, with different amp (Creek 50A) bass is good, they are not (too) bright, but still I am not completely comfort with the sound. I guess it was the room effect in my 12 sqarre meters room. At the end of the day it is all about the taste. AlexS mentioned Spendor D7.2. I had a Spendor demo: D7.1 vs Classic 2/3 and I liked 2/3 by far. I quess D7 are Spendor’s most analytical speaker. I also love the sonud of their A series (A4 and A7).

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Everyone has been so helpful, what a great group!

Trying a demo with the Dynaudio Evoke 50, and will report back here after the initial break-in period.
This is likely a perfect fit for my room and system. Down the road I may upgrade to a higher-end ProAc speaker, but the Evoke 50s will likely satisfy me for quite a while to come.

Many thanks for all these thoughtful suggestions.


Congratulations and hope it is a perfect fit for you!

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After a few weeks with the Dynaudio Evoke 50s I am very pleased to say they have met all my expectations. The Naim amp is working beautifully and the high cedar ceiling of our living room
work all with the Evoke 50s.

This is the best sound I’ve ever experienced in my home, it’s thrilling.
Thank you all for helping me get to this stage.


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