Speaker Suggestions for SN2 - Mid Sized Woody Room

I’m a newbie here. Setting up my system with Supernait 2. I’ve been hearing good things here about the Dynaudio Special Forty (and others), ProAc, ATC 19 speakers.

My room has a high cedar ceiling, carpet, about 18’ square with an annex. We often play our music low, subtle. Looking to avoid brittle or overly bright. Letting the music shine and the gear to the background.

Music choices tend to be Classical, Jazz (e.g. Miles, Weather Report), World Music, no vocals really.

Which speaker models would you suggest for a room setting like this?

FWIW… I am a little bit biased since with my SN2 I have had the ProAc D2’s and currently have the ProAc D30RS speakers.

My current system is : NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS.

I have demoed a pair of ATC 19 speakers as well and they were excellent as well. The Special Forty anniversary speakers were available for a short time at my dealer but never got around to listening to them so can not comment. They were a limited anniversary edition so availability may be an issue.

At the time I demoed the ATC 19 speakers the dealer had a pair of used NAIM Ovator S-400’s he had taken in trade and I gave them a listen as well. I ended up keeping the Ovator’s speakers which I had for 2 1/2 years and just traded in for my new ProAc D30RS speakers this past march. I have had the ProAc’s for over 2 months now and love them.

Of course this is my system, in my room, with my ears so you should demo at the dealer and at home if possible.

Good luck with your decision and enjoy the journey!

Remember search is your friend you type in SN2, or the speaker’s name that you are looking at and can find information throughout the current and archived forum. The NDX & SUPERNAIT thread is a good read.

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Great, thanks @seakayaker (and btw-I love kayaking!)

A friend also has the ProAc and speaks well of them, they are definitely on my short list to demo.

With your D30RS how do you find the Ribbon Tweeter influences the sound? Vs the Dome?

I enjoy the D30RS speakers and have had nothing but a positive response to the ProAc sound with the ribbon tweeter. I love the detail across the spectrum that the D30’s provide. The detail is wonderful and the bass is enhanced and sounds fantastic. That was probably the biggest surprise.

I also believe it when people say that a particular speaker does not work for them. The room, the system configuration and of course our own hearing influences our decisions. I also like extended home demonstrations if possible. I do believe that on any given day my own mood may just be off and anything could sound bad.

The SuperNait drives the D30RS with no problem, sounds great at low volume and when it is cranked up a bit. Normally I sit around 9 o’clock to 9:30 volume wise when listening. Occasionally 10 to 10:30 is loud enough for me and turning down low in the late evening hours still produces a lovely sound.

Good luck with your search and decision.

btw - I hope you get out on the water on occasion…

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Your info is so helpful to navigate these waters ; )

It means a lot to me that they can sound great at low volume. My wife and I both play instruments and are sensitive to hear. Low volume relaxing is really nice, with the new system my pretty cherry faced Paradigms are just not cutting it, losing too much music along the way.

I sense that this next step will open up tons more information and subtle details, in a balanced and moderate way, hearing the music while the equipment fades to the background…that’s the intention anyway.

And yes, I can’t wait to get out on the water again. It’s a meditation.

I think you have the name wrong in your title, do you mean (SN2)?

Can I ask what you paid for your D30RS Pair ? Is that a fair question here on this forum?

I never feel comfortable stating what I paid but I will say I have been working with a single dealer and have made a number of purchases for new and used equipment. So we have had an excellent working relationship over the years. I received an excellent allowance on the speakers I was trading along with a fair discount. I also believe that a deal has to be good for everyone involved and helps keep a lasting relationship moving forward. The dealer was also about to close its business for an undetermined amount of time due to the shutdown and he may have wanted to reduce inventory and put cash on the books.

My dealer has always been willing to deliver and set up equipment, has updated software on the older streamer model that I owned and has been available when I had questions. This has value in itself and is an associated cost of doing business and fostered a lasting relationship.

I hope that answers your question.


Yes, thank you for your thoughtful answer. I agree the value of buying locally and supporting
a local business can be a wonderful thing. I’m learning from my dealer. I would think the opportunity
to audition in the actual room is an important part of this equation. That’s the next step for me.

This iteration the D30RS might be a bit rich for my blood this time around, I may have to work up to that level. Any suggestion for a slightly more modest ProAc that would work in my setting?

I don’t know if it helps, but I have the Dynaudio Special 40s. I auditioned them against the Contour 20, which sounded exceptional with the dealers choice of high quality jazz etc. However, move to my tastes of rock etc, some with dodgy recordings, and the Special 40s were better. Therefore, I would suggest that you might benefit from considering how your music collection is presented as an analytical speaker shows up everything (Contour 20) whereas the Special 40s tended to field all sorts.

Where are you based ?

Maybe practicsl suggestions can be based on availability in your area…

Without hesitation I would recommend neat iota alphas, and if your budget allows, then the xplorers. Both will let you just listen and the boxes themselves will virtually disappear… they are tiny so you won’t really notice they are in the room. The sound however is quite the opposite. A perfect match with the sn2. An alternative are the motive sx2, a normal looking floorstander except they will barely reach waist height. All neats will rock if required, but from what I understand from your requirements they should definitely be on your list for auditions.

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I think Sonus Faber Sonetto V will work great with the music you listen to and the traits you desire. I guess you could try the smaller ones in the range if your budget won’t stretch that far, but haven’t heard those myself.

Thanks. These are all great suggestions. I’ve just realized that I’m going to have to upgrade to better cables as well. I’ve used Audioquest 4 in the past with my Paradigm speakers but now getting into
this improved system I’m looking for recommendations, probably start a new post.

Brunello, I certainly understand the pricing impact in decision making. I will be retiring in the upcoming year, currently 68 years old, and the reach for the D30RS was planned as (most likely) the final speaker purchase. I wanted a small box count with a pair of quality floor standers and feel I have achieved a system that will last me for years. My ears or my body may run out before the system…

Anyway do you have a price range that you are using. It may help forum members sharpen their recommendations to your needs. As mentioned I believe you will find a pair of speakers within the ProAc line, Tablet through the D20 that will work with your system and pricing. Others that I would look at would be the ATC 7, 11 and 19; Harbeth P3ESR or Compact 7ES-3; and the Spendor A series speakers. These were lines that my dealer carried and listened to at different times in the shop. The search can be lengthily and with a good dealer who has patience and can work with you it will eventually lead to the speakers that work best with your system.

Good luck with the decisions ahead and enjoy the journey!

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Brunello, I use NAIM NAC A5 speaker cable and would recommend you give it a try. There is a good chance that the dealer will have a spare pair around for demo and possibly used pairs as well as new availble for sale.


For this stage of putting the system together I am working with a budget
of about $4000~$5500 for the speakers.

Based on my information gathering I intend to demo both the ProAc 20d and the Evoke 50.
I tend to think either would be excellent and even improve over time.

I requested for my dealer to look out for a used set of the Naim A5 cables for me.

Thanks for all your support.

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You wrote that you don’t want to have an overly bright sound. I am not familiar with your current speakers, but Cambridge Audio has a reputation to be on the rather bright side of life… Maybe get the source right before buying new speakers?

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Down the road I may end up with a complete Naim chain of gear. At this stage I need to do what I can. I’ve been happy with the Cambridge gear. Down the road we’ll see. Thanks for the feedback.