Speaker suggestions - w. KEF KC62 sub

My current 2ch front L/R speakers are a pair of Tannoy Legacy Eatons, which I like more than love.

They do a great job of providing a tightly focused soundstage, but they don’t seem too good on the mid to lower ranges. Things often seem muddled.

My KEF KC62 sub doesn’t work at all well with the Tannoys, but did complement my previous ProAc D2R stand mounts much better.

Other than the obvious - another pair of D2Rs - what other speakers (standmounts preferably) are worth considering for use with the sub.

Amp: SN3

Well the obvious answer will be a KEF speaker like something from the Reference range. The Uni-Q driver should give you a point source you’re familiar with from the Tannoys.

FWIW, I have the same sub with Dali Opticon MK2 speakers (on-wall).

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For something in a similar price range, it might be worth auditioning the new Kef R3 Metas. I own a pair of its predecessor and they go surprisingly low for stand mounts when fed enough power. I used to pair them with a Uniti Atom. When I upgraded to a Uniti Nova, the difference was staggering.


The nova feed them well ? Did you feel that you lacking power? How is low level listening , lik 55 db

I never felt the Nova was lacking power with the R3’s. For a while I also powered my Kef Reference 3’s (floorstanders) with the Nova and it did the job. I would maybe look elsewhere for low level listening, I remember that the Nova didn’t show off its magic until I brought the volume past a certain level. Just my experience though.

Hi Charles,

Like you I have the SN3 which up until this week was paired to my KC62 and a pair of LS50 Metas. Imagining, soundstage and depth was excellent with the sub filling out and enhancing the low level listening.

A few days ago I auditioned a pair of Kef R3 Metas being powered by SN3 fed by NDX2. They provided everything that the LS50’s did, and more. I was very impressed. Next up was a pair of Proac D2r. Imaging, soundstage etc were on a par but to my ears they sounded thinner than the Kefs. The last candidate was the B&W 805 D4. More of everything. I then listened again to the R3 Metas, I really liked them and was surprised how well they stood up against the B&W’s. For me it was an easy decision, as the R3 Metas stole the show.

Today is day 4 of ownership with about 30 hours on the speakers and they’re breaking in nicely, improving on a daily basis. They deliver excellent bass for a stand mount. The sub has been off since yesterday so I can get my ear in as to how the speakers deliver on their own. At 70dB up the bass is excellent with it falling off a bit at lower volumes. Having said that, that’s why I bought the KC62 in order to fill out at lower volumes. My listening room is 6.7m x 5.4m x 2.4m and the R3 Meta have no problem filling the room. Possibly you might consider auditioning these as they work well with the KC62 and you might find them to be to your taste. I hope this helps a bit.


Thanks for your post, it is interesting to read another take on this.

My room is smaller, 4.5m x 3.5m approx, and I haven’t got such a great source - the NDX2 - as you have. However, I’ve tried both the LS50 Metas and some B&Ws (the 805 D3) and a pair of Tannoy Legacy Eatons. I also used to have the ProAcD2R, though they’ve been sold so I couldn’t factor those into any side by side comparison, as I did with the aforementioned.

My favourite when using the KEF sub are easily the 805D3s. This has taken a good few weeks of swapping the main speakers in and out, and trying different placement and positioning of the KC62.

I’ve settled for a pretty low crossover point of 40kHz and the gain is almost at a matching position on the dial, or not much more.

It all sounds pretty good.

Enjoy the R3s, they look and must sound wonderful.

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Thanks for the crossover info, sub integration is on the agenda over the next few days.

Good luck, it took my a lot of trial and error! Think I’ve got there now.

I’m using a basic Chord C-sub interconnect, in place of a very cheap one I had initially which was the only one long enough (3m) to hand. The Chord itself has made a decent improvement, too.

Thanks! I’d never considered the ethernet cable. I can feel a trial purchase coming up to see if I get an uplift.

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