Speaker upgrade Dynaudio


just to update all, I got the Dynaudio C2 as the price was lowered and it seemed like a good deal

However when I hooked it up at home, I was not impressed.

I could not understand why, until I did some careful listening and it seems the left speaker is not working properly (maybe a tweeter problem) or a crossover problem. There is output coming out of the tweeter, but it seems to be strangely a lot less clear than the other speaker

I have contacted the Dynaudio dealer who will replace the parts, but still even with the speaker that is working properly, sure it sounds a lot better than my F260, but I could easily have lived with the Focus 260… so I plan to get it repaired and then think about what I want to do.

The sheer size and weight of a C2 is not to be underestimated, and I do regret going ahead to buy it. Got tempted by the low price, but it is a reminder, not to buy something that I had doubts about, even if the price was too good.

Source first very much applies here, I can live with my old speaker, but I cannot live without my M scaler/Dave source !

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Can you hear a difference in the output of the two tweeters or just in one? If both tweeters have a low output compared to the ones of the other speaker it probably mean it is a crossover problem.

The output of the two tweeters in each C2 speaker won’t sound quite the same because they are crossed over at different frequencies (2200, 8000 Hz).

Here are the specs and details of the C2 Platinum (which is what I have).

Thanks, didn’t know that!

Wow, those Esotar2 tweeters are expensive. $2,000/pair or more by now (they were $1800 when I bought a pair to upgrade some Contour S3.4 about 10 years ago).

Keep in mind that if your tweeters are replaced they take about 300-400 hrs to break in, and I mean it.

If they replace two tweeters I would probably want to reinstall the four tweeters so you have a new pair in the same spot in both speakers, the the good old pair in the other spot in both speakers, just so you have a consistent sound between speakers during and after break-in. That’s how I would do it in that situation.

thanks, but this is now an expensive repair.

I did some more listening, and I get it now, what the C2 is about, and yes overall even with the repair cost it is still worth it.

I was on an audio chat this morning and a discussion of speakers came up, with people that have been making changes. I noted that I’ve had my Confidence C2 Platinum for over five years and really have no desire to change anything about them. They sound great and I don’t see getting rid of them. They are that good.

I have a pair of REL S/510 subs integrated with them via high-level inputs, which make them even better.

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Do you ever like consider wanting to modernize your speaker with those newer Confidence 30 or 50 for example? Or is it just a sideway changes to you?

A while back I took a handful of my records to the dealer and listened to the Confidence 30 for a bit on their Boulder system, which is how I heard the C2s while they they had them there.

I just don’t like the Confidence 30 as much as the C2s. My dealer agrees with me and thinks the C2s are/were in a very sweet spot of the Dynaudio line. The 30s are better in certain regards, but overall I much prefer the C2s I have.

I wouldn’t have upgraded anyway, since the 30s cost 50% more than my C2s did when they were discontinued. I also got a very significant discount on the C2s. I bought them because they were already discontinued and I got the last available pair from the U.S. distributor (and they were even in the piano black finish I wanted).

Long story short: there’s nothing to upgrade to in my opinion.

Tks for the experience. I can see you are in a good place with senses. While I am still unsettled with my end speaker. I shall take my time.