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Hallo, I have a SUPERNAIT 2 + NDX2 + Neat Sx2. MY room is 3,8 m x 3,5 m. I want to upgrade my speakers. I listen electronic music + nu jazz. I would like advice from those who have my own similar configuration. Many thanks. I do not want bookshelf…

Max - do you like the neat sound ? Before you leap into other territory


I like, but I want to improve. I do not know for example if the neat sx1 is a real improvement or not.

Have a try at the NEAT new generation Ekstra speakers - floor standers - sensational reviews - great combo with your front year components. I reckon you would be impressed .

I’ve seen the ekstra, but they’re as tall as height and aesthetics not beautiful…

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Forgot to mention your room size similar to mine so would work fine. As I’ve said before in another topic on the community ,if you love the neat sound ( which I do ) ring Bob the owner of Neat a call and discuss with him, he’s a lovely guy and just loves his music. Naim and Neat have a great synergy

All the best in your journey

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The Ekstras are really nice speakers. I’d take a look at them, and the standmount Ministra. Maybe you could grow to like their looks, as it’s the sound that’s important, and they are hardly ugly. Both work near walls, which is important in a smaller room. I suspect you’d find that the Motive 1 has too much bass: the 2 always seems more balanced than the 1.

Hi @max2812, I agree the Ekstras are not aesthetically pleasing, they definitely have an Ikea vibe to them. Perhaps consider PMC, ProAc or Spendor.

With my SN 2 I have used ProAc D2 and D30RS and love the sound. You may want to take a look at ProAc, perhaps the D20R…

Good luck with your decision and enjoy the journey.

Thank you for your tips…

I demoed the SX1s in my room which is slightly bigger than yours. They are a great sounding speaker, very open presentation with great mid range. But as HH says there was too much bass for my room. A real pirtty as I really liked them. From the limited reviews so far it does sound as though bass is very well controlled even with close to wall placement with the Ekstra. If it is too much then the Ministra could do the job.

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