Speaker wire: Naim NAC A5 vs Mogami 3103

So let me start with I have had Naim NAC A5 for a few years and was thinking of upgrading to Naim Super Lumina but as always did not want to pay the £2K plus. So doing research from reviewers ( Youtube, forums etc… ) I happened to come across the review for Mogami speaker wire (from Japan ) at £163 for 4 meters. The reviewer suggests the wire is as good as any thousand pound wires that he has tried if not better and used by most broadcasting studios.
So with that in mind I thought it should be better than my existing NACA5 so I have nothing to lose. To make the comparison fair I also purchased some switch cleaner for the NACA5 connectors.
So I started listening to sound I have familiarity with on the NACA5 and the sound was superb, then I changed to the Mogami. On first listening I thought it was a little tinnier not clearer just tinnier the bass was good and over all the wire was very good. However after 10 minutes ( not along time I know ) I got fed up with the music if anything a little board. On that note I changed the speaker wire back to the NACA5 and it was at this point you realise just how good the NACA5 was compared to the Mogami. The clarity mid range and more importantly the enjoyment of listening was returned.
The point of this is topic is to say a wire is not just a wire the NACA5 is significantly better than the Mogami in every single way. I also started listening to music for a further hour just after getting bored with the Mogami sound.

Hope this helps ( Unfortunately I now have to try Super Lumina )


I’m not questioning your findings, just asking what Mogami speaker cable, there are various model numbers.
And £163 for 4m !!! & why from Japan ???

Mogami is a very good cable manufacturer, and their cables can be as good or better than others. However, they make many different cables with different characteristics: which particular wire do these use - and more particularly how do the inductance and capacitance compare to Naim’s required load? That might be a significant factor compared to pro use where amps don’t need that load (unless they use Naim amps).

Hi Mike I believe Japan is where they are made, the model was 3103 thanks for asking that as I omitted it

Yes the build quality was excellent on the cable the sound quality was good just nowhere near the NACA5 the only other thing is I didn’t run the wire in although I do not believe it would create such a difference

When testing speaker wires you really need to run each one for a week and then swap. It’s impossible to tell what they are doing in ten minutes or an hour.

Hi Hungryhalibut
I know you been on this site for many years, and if your sure that it would make a significant difference in a weeks time of running in, I feel it would only be fair to remove this post until that is trialled.


Why not plug the Mogami back in and just use it for a while. Comparing a brand new cable with your well run in A5 will tell you nothing. After a week, put the A5 back in and then you will know. The Mogami may be better or it may be worse. Leave music playing as much as you can.

You should just buy it. NO ONE here can tell you if YOU will like it.

Have you considered Kudos KS-1 or Witch hat Phantom ?

Not sure who is telling me whether I like it. The post was about my findings of a new speaker wire. Did you read it?

Thanks for the suggestion perf, I am going to run the Mogami in for a week to see if it really does make that much difference.

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