Speakerchoice for SUPERNAIT and New Classic range

Thanks. It’s certainly worth a thousand words. I’ll leave them to others :wink:

Hope it turns out for you, whichever changes you make.

I agree with Blacknote. I have the Harbeths in a large room and they are brilliant so do audition them. In another system I have the active ATC SCM 40s and they, too, are excellent. Audition both and see what you think.

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I am another one naimee music and sound lover hearing impaired.
I have used Hearing Gn Resound aids for many years and have moved 3 years ago to cochlear implants.
I prefer by far Proac LS in combination with Naim gear. I currently own Proac K3 and would strongly advise to test Proac K1 with Naim SN. The tweeter is simply fantastic and overtakes to my ears beryllium or diamond competitors. PMC Twenty5 26 I loved too although I consider them as less versatile than Proac K3. I am not able to distinguish between subjective taste and my transhuman hearing with regards to audiophile choices. Best.


Thank you all very much for your suggestions…
I want to try these, that will take time.
Results will follow.


May I suggest replace Supernait with at least 282/250/HC and Kudos loudspeaker cable.
as others say, give more room for Ovators, IMO they are much better than Proacs, Dali or Audiovector.

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A talk with your Naim dealer could also be helpful I would think. Or, if you are traveling to Groningen anyway, you could stop by one of the oldest Naim dealers in the country in Vries, Audio Artistiek. He might not carry the speaker brands you think you want to audition (Dynaudio, Paradigm, Burmester), but he knows Naim and sold lots of 400s.


And mine sound great with a SN3!

Unless you are very luck with room acoustics at this level it’s worth doing some research on speaker positioning. You may find what you have can sing if some of the basics are followed.

My room has a number of constraints and active ATC’s was the only speaker that worked. Some of the forum favourites sounded awful…. Kudos, PMC, Focal. All good speakers but just didn’t work in my room.


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I do really like all your suggestions, thank yoy.
One result is as follows: the speakers have more space now after moving those 8 cm forward with more space around the left speaker. The sound is really better overall.
Also it became more clear to me that the hearing aids (from jan. 2023) are the main course in my decreasing rating of the higher frequencies in my Ovator 400’s.
Other speaker brands perform better in my supported ears.
In a few days I’ll visit dealer Musicom in Groningen and other hearing sessions will follow.

And, the temptation to move from Supenait 3/HiCap (with NDX2/PS555) to NAC 332 + NAP 250 + NPX300 (keeping NDX2/PS555) is growing and growing…


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