Speakerchoice for SUPERNAIT and New Classic range

I do play the SUPERNAIT 3/HiCap and NDX2/555PS with Ovator 400 speakers.

After several listening sessions with the New Classic 200 and 300 range I concluded that nowadays the Ovator’s 400 are the weekest part in my chain. Those are not good enough, especially in the higher frequencies, with my Danish high end Resound hearing aids.

Finding the right speakers for my taste and for my acoustic difficult 5 x 10 m room is really a quest. This room in my house, built in 1949, has a wooden floor and a asymmetrical wall behind the speakers. So, bass ports in the rear speaker side are difficult.

The speakers preferably will match with the SUPERNAIT 3 ánd the New Classic range.

The upfront character of the SUPERNAIT 1 is toned down in the last 10 years, but I still do like a moderate upfront, sparkling character

So for me a lot of (famous) speakers are to “quiet”, to “modest”: Kudos 606, Sonus Faber Electa Amator III and Marten Oscar Trio.

Dali Epicon 6 on the other side generates too much high’s and low’s for my taste.

The sound character of B&W and of Focal is not my taste.

Audiovector R3 is a much better one for my ears, very balanced, but the SUPERNAIT 3/HiCap does not have enough power for those speakers.

I have to try again PMC Twenty5.26i, I liked those a lot in a demo 2 years ago.

They all cost about € 12.000 in the Netherlands.

ATC SCM40’s for 50% of this amount do have a lot of lovers. The importer in the Netherlands advertises: “Before you buy new speakers it’s wise to hear an ATC first”. So I have to try these…….

Do you have additive experiences or suggestions for me? I like to read your comments.

I don’t have any specific recommendations but am questioning whether the view that your SUPERNAIT 3/HiCap does not have enough power for the Audiovector R3’s is correct. I’ve had Audiovector 3’s before (the S model, two generations back I believe) and these are very efficient speakers and not a difficult load for the amplifier. I suspect the issue is room acoustics rather than a lack of power. For reference, as you’ve also tried these, I currently have Epicon 6’s (powered by a Moon 600 Mk. II integrated) and they are quite balanced, although I can see how they can come across as slightly lean in the midrange if partnered with the wrong equipment (which I however wouldn’t suspect is the cause in your case). They can potentially become a bit too powerful/boomy in the bass if placed too close to the wall and directly on the floor - putting them on spikes cleans up the bass noticably. In my rooom they are actually only about 20 cm’s from the back wall and that works out quite well.

All this to say that I suspect the combination of using hearing aids and having a difficult room makes giving helpful advice rather difficult, and that as always - and perhaps more here than usual - is really about trying out what works for you in your particular room.

Happy hunting!

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You really need to think about where you want to end up before changing speakers. If you went for the PMCs or ATCs you need a more powerful amplifier, perhaps a 282/250DR or 332/250NC. Ideally you’d change the amplifier before the speakers, at which point you may conclude that the speakers are ok anyway.

As your room is large and will be hard to fill with sound, I would consider active ATCs, either the SCM40S or SCM50A. The balanced outputs of the 332 are perfect for them. Alternatively you could consider selling the NDX2 and SN3 and getting a 222, powering it from your 555.

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Please can you post a photo. I can’t picture an asymmetric wall. So, I can’t see what you are up against acoustically.

Where in The Netherlands are you? Living in the north, I know of an ATC and Harbeth dealer who is supposed to be quite helpful. You might ask for a home demo?

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I’d suggest you to try the Harbeth HL5 XD and the Totem Forests, IMO they have a very nice deep soundstage with lots of detail in the highs. The Forests have a better and more muscular low end but it all depends on your preferences and kind of music you listen to. I’m not a fan of B&Ws either and I still need to figure out if I like Focal speakers somehow. Unluckily I’ve never listened to PMCs and ATCs.


My Ovator 400 sound great with 250NC. Shrugs shoulders.

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Same here with the 350nc. I thought the ts had a special request because of his hearing aid. Anyway, my Ovators sound wonderful on all frequencies as well. In our L shaped high ceiling 6x14m living room.


I use mostly Triangle. But your question is like asking to explain a colour :slight_smile: Not sure there is any real answer as it is completely subjective.

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For that size of room it’s time for 600’s or 800’s :slight_smile:

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Here’s my living room, built in 1949, region Zwolle, The Netherlands


I imagined the Ovator needed a more airy placement to come into its own?:thinking:

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You might try Musicom (Atc/Harbeth) in Groningen. They say their listening rooms mimic normal living rooms with challenging interiors.

My s400s need at least 30cm from the rear wall.

I wil try a position much forward.
I did listen to my Ovator 400’s in my dealers shop and compared those with the much more expensive Audiovector R3 Arrete. That was a huge difference,

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It’s all a bit of a mess. The left speaker is squeezed between the Fraim and a cupboard, the right speaker is half hidden by the sofa, and the TV protrudes beyond the wall. It’s a large room so surly it’s possible to sort things out. Could both speakers go on the wall to the left of the windows? It depends where you sit to listen of course, but do you need so much stuff? Speakers need space around them to work properly and that has to be the first step to take before spending more money.


Thank you Rex, I will visit Musicom in the next weeks

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I owned S600s years ago. The OP is correct, they lack high frequency extension. Shame as the rest of the speaker is very good. I went through several speakers, Sonus Faber & Kudos, and now I run the ProAc K6 Signature. Granted I run a 500 system, the ProAc’s were significantly better in every way.

I’d recommend looking at the D30 or D48 as those would be a good fit for a Supernait. Also, try out Mogami 3082 speaker cable. Much better treble than Naca5.

Lived in NL for many years. Got tired of all of the mountains :slight_smile: Nice living room.

A mountain in the Netherlands: