Speakers advice for SN3

I know that this kind of questions already been ask
But I want specific speakers advice for the kind music which I usaily playing .
I hear all kind of music , I want speakers which will be all around , my specific music is 70s, soft rock, 80s electronic, europop, prog. The speakers need to sound funky and not serious manner
What do you say? I trying to stay away from speakers which only excel with vocals and jazz

Hello Vaksil,
It would help if you could say a bit more about your budget, the room size and how flexible you are with its layout. Are looks important? In which country are you located?

I want towers, the size room is approximately m2, it’s the living room, 4000$ max, I have new kef q75 which it was a good match with my old sansui reciver buts no so good with the SN3.
I thinking about evok 50 …

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