Speakers For 2nd Hand Atom

I am looking at purchasing a 2nd Hand Atom for my office.
My office is 3M by 2M and I sit on my draughtsman’s chair at my desk which is just above cill height.
My desk is 2M by 0.6M.
I know one should listen to speakers in the home setting but the current times and all that do not really make that easy.
So I am craving an indulgence from the forum for suggestions for small desk top loudspeakers that will suit the Naim P.R.a.T of the Atom. Budget £400 to £600 new or second hand.
Thank You.
Kind Regards.

I just bought a new Atom with the Focal Chora 816 (towers) but they also have the Chora 806 bookshelf which I imagine would be awesome also (the 816s are great.)

Easy, neat iotas.
You might need pads or little stands rather than sitting them direct on the table. Look at iso acoustics eg iso-130.

I think for the office you can‘t Chose somesthing better than ls35a or spendor bc1
this gives you relaxed acoustic joy in combination with a comfortable amp

Second hand Totem Dreamcatchers. You might not get that much work done though.


I second @Yeti suggestion, I run my Atom in a small office with wonderful Totem Dreamcatchers.

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Second that - neat iotas - can’t go wrong

Thirded … I use with a unitiqute, but not easy to find, which is why I suggested the neats. Note the totems like a bit of power, the neats are easier to drive.


Welcome back, how are you? Still rocking your SN2 and NDX2?

Another worthy contender is KEF LS50 second hand. Later on, you could add the little giant KC62 sub which supposed to match well with the LS50.


My Atom runs Kefs, they sounds great.

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I also have an Atom with KEF LS50 and they are fantastic. Now the new LS50 Metas are out, so the original LS50 can be bout for a great price!

Thanks @Mike_S all going of mate, sure am…been thinking about speakers recently but C19 is making me think twice. Hope you and family are doing well. Good idea on moving the setup at your place. How is your system going?

Yes, it’s all sounding rather nice thanks, and a Fraim Lite is on the way somewhere. No doubt delayed now with the Auckland / Northland border closing. The distributer / dealer changes mean future new items are going to be more difficult I think, but it may flush out some second hand options - buts off course it’s all really good at this level anyway.

Miss Mike started High School last week, so that has been really exciting. Mrs Mike is doing well, though still on follow up cancer therapy, which is tiring but okay. I’m transitioning to part time work, C19 and the health stuff preempted that change. So, it’s all coming together really.

Hi @RogerGround. I have an Atom in a similarly sized room used as an office. I opted for Neat Iotas. They pair very well with Naim, and are small enough for a room that size. They are set up for easy (and cheap) wall fixing which helps with placement when space is very restricted. New, they’re a bit over your budget, but you should be able to pick up a pre-loved pair within the range you’ve given.


@airedog I will have a look. Thank you.

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@robert_h . Thank you.

@Zhenya . An idea to investigate. Cheers

@PeakMan Thank you. They seem very popular on the forum.