Speakers for largish kitchen

I’m looking for speakers for a 3.5m x 7.5m kitchen. Speakers will have to go on heavy shelves in reasonably deep alcoves either side of the fireplace (on the short wall). I’m looking more for good room filling sound rather than critical listening.

Any suggestions from fellow forum-ers?

The obvious choice on a naim forum . Why not a Muso?

I use some Q-Acoustics 3020i in my kitchen. Inexpensive and not concerned if they might get dirty or subjected to a bit of moisture as I bought them for £250 a pair from a well known “rich sounding” UK shop on-line.
They are surprisingly good (actually terrific) on the end of my Atom.


I did exactly the same thing as blythe, from exactly the same richer sounding company, they replaced a pair of fyne F300’s. The 300’s were very good indeed but the 3020i’s just took the sound up a notch being a bit richer and fuller. The cabinet is a bit deeper (28cm) so should be considered. Well worth a listen.


I use Qacoustics 3010s in the office but I feel that the 3020 with their rear port might be difficult in a deep alcove - even with the supplied bungs in place. The Qacoustics are fantastic and punch way above their price - and work great with Naim amps. I just feel they don’t smell right in the scenario you mentioned.

You’ve not said what you are going to be driving them with. I actually put my main system in an open plan kitchen somewhat larger than yours and used floor standing PMCs. Not necessarily recommending PMC (though I think they are great) but suggesting that, like those, you shortlist speakers with front firing port or transmission lines. Rear ported or sealed boxes aren’t likely to be fond of a “deep alcove”. They both usually need loads of space all around them, though there are exceptions.

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I don’t use speakers in our moderately large kitchen, but we have friends who have some huge kitchens combined breakfast rooms etc… and I find quality ceiling mounted speakers seem to work well certainly good enough for parties and entertaining.

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Buchardt S400’s total room fillers, unbelievable sound for standmounts. Are light and will happily sit on heavy shelving… passive rear radiators that are happy with a few inches tween them and wall, toe in slightly so not flat against. £1900 direct from company, Danish, quick hassle free shipping delivery all incl in price AND 30 day back guarantee. I don’t work for them! Look at YouTube reviews for these, look nice too. Very similar look sound to Argons. My listening area not far off your dimensions… happy to comment further if you want more info…:smiley:

At the risk of being kicked out of the forum have you considered Bose?!!

We use an old Bose Lifestyle 5 system in our conservatory. The system consists of a ‘music centre’ which is a fairly small pre-amp with CD and Tuner built in. A large powered subwoofer and a pair of tiny double cubed speakers. We changed the original cubes to the better Jewel cubes which can be found on eBay.

The control unit and subwoofer are located underneath the corner part of the sofa, the remote is wireless and it’s all fed by a Yamaha Musiccast WXAD10.

Whilst not high end it fills what would be a difficult room with a conventional system well and is ideal for background listening. It sounds pleasant rather than massively involving.

You can see the cubes in this picture, above the doorway and window.


Agreed I have two pairs of B&W ceiling speakers in our kitchen cost about £400 per pair and they sound very good, driven dare I say it by two Sonos(there I’ve said it!) Connect amps, the first version. The B&W range are easy to fit as they sit in a separate “cage” which plugs into the ceiling fixed jig, it you want to upgrade them you just unplug and replace with the new.

An idea of your budget and amp being used would be helpful to know before making a suggestion.

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Echo SinS here, I have in-ceiling speakers in my kitchen, study and a bedroom. The SQ is not a critical factor, but enjoyment is paramount.

I did this on the advice of Norman Soloman from UHES (ceased trading), who pointed out that one did not want a distraction when cutting up the vegetables or reading the papers!

Music is exactly the the sort of distraction I like when chopping up vegetables!

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Me too - I turn the volume up on the main system for music, but revert to the subsystem in the kitchen for R4

Watch those fingers!!!


The Focal ICW range are very good, very familiar with the ICW 300’s. I’m very impressed, but difficult to really get room treatment correct when they shoot downwards… Rugs maybe? :grin:

Thanks for all the suggestions!

At the moment I’m using a Bose Wave system which is grand there, but I was thinking about something from Naim so I didn’t have to deal with two apps. Currently running a SU + P3ESR’s in my living room, and have a UQ2 that I might re-use (even as a preamp) for the kitchen. I did think about a Muso but the alcove is a just a couple of inches too narrow.

Here’s a photo of the room (excuse the untidiness!):

I hadn’t really considered ceiling speakers before. If I went with them I’d probably put them either side of the kitchen island.

That’s my sort of kitchen … home from home

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