Speakers for low volume listening

At the moment, I’m using the Spendor 3/1 in a fairly small room - approximately 150 square feet. The Spendor performs quite well, but it floods the rest of the flat with bass. For instance, I experience much more bass in the kitchen than in the listening room.

I need a solution that works better than simply closing all the doors in the flat. Assuming the amplifier is capable, what speakers can produce good sound at low volumes?

You’re fighting physics (and ear sensitivity, which rolls off significantly at frequency extremes with low sound levels, particularly noticeable in the bass). If closing doors is unacceptable then maybe a rethink about room layout might find something that is more acceptable.

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Every morning I listen at extremely low volume to my Dynaudio Emit M10s (to keep the neighbours happy). Plenty of detail and a full sound as quiet as you like.


I would suggest small towers like pmc twenty5 23 or 24. easier to drive than your very good spendor, they will give you more music pressure with the transmission line

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I solved 70% of the problem with IFI DC blocker. it’s pretty cheap and in my case it works. there are several dc blockers, including some bulgarian ones that are stronger than IFI. honestly I thing IFI does not impact the sound but just reduce the hum. be aware of overall filters as they can reduce dynamics.
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The “Gold” version of the Falcon LS3/5a does low level very nicely. Much more so than the Rogers I also own.

Even better is the Magnepan LRS+. But they would unfortunately require a bigger amp (needs current). They are box-less panel speakers, very fast bass and the big panels dont need to move much which keeps any vibrations low. But they want 30-35" to rear wall (48" high x 13" wide x 1" deep).

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I had the Spendor 3/5 before 3/1. They are great on low volume but in a close range. They were incapabe to handle the entire room and I decided to upgrade to 3/1.
I assume because of 70hz bass, relativey small woofer - 5" or so, and 84db of sensitivity which is the same for they Falcon’s siblings.
3/1 does much better on low volume than 3/5, but I want more :slight_smile:

May I ask you how close is the listening place? These Dynaydio are pretty small, aren’t they?

I generally sit about 3m from the M10s. They are on wall brackets close to the rear wall. They are small but can quite easily fill the room with music if required. I certainly don’t feel the need for larger speakers.

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So much depends on whether you are content to exclude proper/low bass and/or only listen to music with none.

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I have found that speakers with around 89dB sensitivity and a 6Ω load give me what I want for low volume listening.

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At low volume :thinking:

The proper bass is the essential part for low level volume listening. Some speakers start shining from the very bottom , and the rest require the volume to be added. I’m looking for the first ones.

The M10s are rear ported. You probably need to listen to a pair to decide. Certainly not lacking in bass for the sort of listening I do at low level.

This has been a valid criteria for me. I am very happy with Graham Audio LS/6’s. They have good dynamics even at very low volumes.

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