Speakers for system in a room with lots of glass

Hi everyone.
I have a Naim system (CDS/NAC282/2xNAP 250/SBLs and I have predominantly glass on 1.5 sides of the room. It means that I need to put a speaker close to the glass. Does anyone have an alternative speaker choice where the speakers don’t need to be against a wall?

Choose pretty much anything you want - the hard thing nowadays is finding speakers which do go up against a wall.

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Not so bad if the glass is behind the speaker, a bit more difficult if the glass is to the side of the speaker.
Can you put a heavy curtain between the speaker and the glass when doing a serious listening session?
If so, I do have a suggestion.

Unfortunately I have glass on one side of this speaker too and no chance to hang a curtain behind the speaker. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Bi-polar (panel) speakers, they are a very different experience but no output to the sides. There are several makes around - here is part of a description of room aspects of Magnepans (I use LRS, they need 90cm behind but are only a cm or two deep):

“Second, Maggies are dipole line-source rather than dynamic quasi-point-source loudspeakers. This means they generate their sound in free space forward and backward, rather than sending half toward you and half into a sealed enclosure or an enclosure with a hole in it. Because of their highly coherent, figure-eight wavelaunch, line sources like the Maggies tend to interact less destructively with listening rooms than quasi-point-source cone speakers do. They have little-to-no floor or ceiling bounce, zero output immediately to their sides, an out-of-phase backwave that is mostly dissipated by the room itself, close to uniform power response on- and off-axis, and zero cabinet diffraction. This doesn’t mean that they are a snap to set up; they are anything but. It just means that once properly positioned, they don’t add as much room sound to the presentation as typical dynamic speakers do. Combine this with their boxless openness, free-standing imaging, vast soundstage, phenomenal resolution of inner detail, lightning transient response, and neutral timbre, and Maggies seem markedly less ‘there’ as sources than almost any dynamic-speakers-in-a-box I’ve heard.

Perhaps something from Waterfall Audio?

That applies equally to QUAD electrostatic speakers.

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