Speakers for the nait xs3

Hey guys.

I am actually really happy with my speaker setup Ls50meta + sub. But just wandering. Read here in the forum that people use atc scm speakers with the nait. But the speakers require 75-300 watts. How does this workout? When I was looking for speakers took care that the power requirements fit. This is why decided against the atc scm11… and got the kef.


Having come from a NAP155XS with my ATC SCM7s, to a NAP200DR, I tend to agree with ATC.

Your speakers look a pretty good choice with the Nait XS3 to me.


I’ve just gone from 7’s to 11’s with a supernait3 and the 11’s are a tad more sensitive to drive than the 7’s and providing you are not wanting concert vols I think an xs3 will be fine with either…

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Slightly unrelated but I’m borrowing some ATC SCM19s tomorrow for a few days’ home demo. I’ll be powering with a NAP200 so hopefully enough power. It’ll be interesting to see how they compare against my 20-year-old PMC OB1s…

I still don‘t understand… why does the speaker work at all if it requires minimum 75 Watts and the nait/nap200 is 70 watts.

I was thinking maybe audiophronics purify 400 Watt per channel is the solution. I know that there can never be too much power. To little power on the other hand can damage the speakers.

Maybe will also get the 11/19 for demo

I had a pair of ProAc D2’s with a Nait. XS 2 and that was fine. The ATC 11’s were mentioned and I would give them a listen they should work as well.

I originally came home with a pair of LS 50’s and returned them for the ProAc D2’s. A big uplift in the price and the sound. The Nait XS is a very fine integrated amp… JMHO - YMMV

The power rating is suggested as minimum and max to drive them to high vol but I’ve used scm 11 with a little nait 5si and it was fine with listening about 89db in the room. Naim amps have good Power supplies able to swing current and atc’s are an easy load even if inefficient.

We can so easily overthink our hobby! You need a couple of dems at a ATC and Naim dealer.

Using the same good quality source, first try the ATC speaker of your choice with a Nait XS3. Then with, say, NAC282/HCDR/NAP250DR.

The 75 is what’s recommended and is not an absolute necessity. But you are right that an underpowered amplifier is more likely to damage the speakers. With your Nait XS3 I wouldn’t even consider the SCM19. Try the 11 and se what you think.

I have an XS2 and ATC scm11 speakers and this is great combination in my opinion. With CD I rarely get beyond 9 oclock on the volume dial before they are uncomfortably loud.
The scm11 is a benign load as the imoedance doesnt drop below 8 ohms, they are tight, fast and very resolving. I get surprising amount of base on stands situated 50 cm from the rear wall.
HiFi Critic did a very favourable review which demonstrated excellent measurements too.
Hope this helps.


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