Speakers to suit 5si

Hi all, another newbie thread, this time on speakers. My current Monitor Radius 90’s aren’t cutting it since I have upgraded to a Naim amp and I would like to ask your advise, please.

I have heard that PMC and Neat are often thought of as good speakers with Naim gear but of course I want to consider all options. I have a couple of requirements:

  1. They need to be <160mm in width to suit the intended location
  2. Ideally a dark finish (black oak or similar)
  3. Ideally in the region of £600 (of course I will consider s/hand items) and can add a little more for a really special pair.

I listen to mainly heavy rock/metal records in a reasonably small listening space, maybe 3m x 5m. Room is reasonably well furnished with not too much in the way of hard surfaces.

Thanks in advance.

There has been a lot of love here over the years, for the Neat Motive 2 (or later variants) with Naim’s 5 series amps.

Likewise praise was recently heaped on an early Twenty series PMC standmount speaker* on the forum. Should be findable.

Enjoy the search.

  • edit: I think, Twenty.21
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Focal 906?

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I reccommend B and W midrange 606 for 550 pounds, or the fyne audio 500 for 600 both brilliant speakers esp since the fyne ones are made in the UK. O sorry theyre wider than 160mm being around 190mm-200mm so not sure if suitable for you.

The main thing with speakers is to get ones that suit your personal musical taste and the room in which you are going to use them; ‘suiting’ the amplifier is very much a secondary concern.


I love my Focal Aria 906s. Tested them against several others, including Kef LS50s and just found them more musical. Hope this helps.

Dynaudio Emit M20s? I’ve heard them making great music with an Atom.


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Hi Andrew,
I’m considering the Focal 906’s and a good price for walnut at the moment, do you have the focal stands?
Thanks A

Hi Alec,
No, I’ve just got Atacama stands. With my entry level Naim kit and the 906s they sound fine to me.
Best, Andrew.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m going to try and demo them at home, was just curious if they needed the extra £250 for stands, I’ve got some atacama stands too. Thanks A

I would go with that recommendation. I have had a Nait 5 with Dynaudio Audience and now Uniti with Dynaudio 2/7.
Have tried both with Missions and Wharfdales, no where near as good, particularly cranked up.!

In terms of stands I would recommend looking at the Partington dreadnoughts and the Custom Design Signature CS104s, both of these designs reveal a lot more than can be achieved on the Atacama stands (with the possible exception of the Atacama SLX and HMS series when used with some specific speaker models - but I don’t know if the Aria 906 is one of those specific speaker models)

No brainer.

Totem Sky Towers.
Kudos X2
The Neats mentioned above.
The PMCs need more juice.

Not sure it makes a huge difference but 4 ohm Dynaudios give you 90w channel from 5si. Original Nait 5 that i had was brilliant cranked up but detailed as well, so stuck with same brand ever since. A kind of subjective complacency if you like.
I am adding a Nap 100 to Unitiqute 2 soon, so will demo a few other brands to see if i can find anything better. Anyone got Kef LS50s they would recomend?

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