Speakers with a floating woofer

I read a review on a Dutch website about these speakers:

Apart from how they look (beautiful in my eyes), I’m very curious if anyone has experience with a speaker that generates a radial sound, instead of projecting it forward as almost any speaker does. The benefit is a far more spatial room filling sound.

There are obvious downsites, which the reviews addresses. Placement in your room being the most critical one, since the acoustics of the room are interfering a lot more with the result.

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That’s a really interesting looking speaker.

I remember at a Heathrow Hifi Show some years back, Paul Messenger was telling Doug and I about a really interesting speaker he had just listened to from a new maker. We went to go and take a listen and I have to say it was quite unique in many ways and also very impressive. The speaker was the Rountree Omnimon. I think PM’s reviews of this speaker are probably still out there and worth a read.

Of course, the difference here is that woofer here fires down into the cabinet, but your picture reminded me of them anyway…

Those speakers intrigue me as well, there is a review of them in Sixmoons. Out of my price range, but interesting design on the driver etc.

I love omnidirectional speakers and have owned a pair of Duevel Venus for two years now. Prior to that I have had omni/semi-omni designs in my systems over the years, Ohm Walsh, Larsen, Shahinian.

To my ears, they present to me a more live/life-like response, generally can be easier to place. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly I would recommend anyone that hasn’t tried omni’s to give them a go.

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