What would be your end game speakers.,?

A Kii3 BXT system would do nicely.

Never heard the Kii3 BXT. Very expensive though.

Either what I have (PMC EB1i on bass + ATC SM75-150 mid & Scanspeak tweeter, but integrated not separate boxes).

Or PMC MB2 if I am convinced no moving needed.

Or, at least love to hear, no idea if I’d like: Fergussen-Hill FH001 horns + suitable subs (Wilson Benesch Torus? Just not sure if sufficiently high output)

Or if a really big room, love to hear Tannoy Westminster Royal

YG’s Sonja XV.

I think I’ll work on the end games room first, speakers are way down my list just now!
I’m delighted with my little ATCs (scm7) which are ideal for small spaces

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