Hello all now i know the answers are audition at home and i fully agree and intend to do as such however im looking to upgrade my speakers which are currently pmc gb1is to something else…

Remainder of system is rega rp8 superline. Nds 555 nac252 supercap nap 300dr.

Any suggestions for a shortlist would be appreciated budget approx 5k. Not fussed for standmount or floorstanders.

Thanks in advance

It’d probably help if you specified what you are looking for and what shortcomings your PMCs have.


No particular reason other than the only thing you specified was budget; and these are about £4k, so within budget.

I’m sure other people can also specify random speaker models in the £4k to £5.5k area.

In the same system I use Kudos S20’s which work really well. The NAP300 really made them sing.

If I remember correctly I think you may be on the south coast too (I’m in Poole) so you are welcome to hear them if that helps.


Hi guinniess i just feel that my speajers may be the weak link and just want some suggestions around my budget and in line with the level of my equipment so i can narrow down a shortist. Of course i will demo and at home and i nay find i prefer what i already have but thats half the fun isnt it

At the 5k price point there are lots of speakers ranging from big floorstanders to small standpoints. If I was you and already a PMC owner I’d start there with some of the newer models.

Based on the replies so far, I guess it’s just me but… looking at your equipment I don’t see how 5K speakers are in line with that and getting the most from it. I would be looking at that budget per speaker.

Got them stellar speakers love them :slightly_smiling_face:

Speakers are room dependant. As a starting point you can decide floor or stand mounts - typically advice is if you can accommodate floor standers then do so.

Other than that engage a good dealer and do the demo thing, it is a bit of a faff but buying speakers on others recommendations is high risk as our rooms interact differently. I had focal Kanta’s - sounded lovely in my room, moved house and they simply didn’t work in new room, just pushed to much energy for the construction type.

ATC is mentioned above and given budget that’s not a bad shout and you can consider actives too as a different route to explore.


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Similarly to that. Some years back I was on a speaker quest, auditioned all those in budget and slightly above at my local dealers’ with my amp and source. Made my choice, which also happened to be Focals, and took them home on loan. The dealers demo room was dry lined, albeit with some treatment, in that space the speakers had sounded balanced, in my rather smaller room with solid plastered walls they were so harsh they could almost strip paint, despite having considerably more soft furnishing coverage than the dealer’s demo room.
The best speakers I’ve ever had in that room were NBLs, I’ve now move them to another, somewhat larger, room but again with solid walls and they seem to have grown in size to fill it. The next move is to a large room with dry lining, not sure they’re going to work so well there but there’s one way to find out for sure.


Spot on Yeti - with Naim black boxes the upgrade is obvious and consistent, with speakers you really do need to put the effort in and find speakers that match your room.


A tad above the targeted price point, but worth considering in my opinion.
I had the previous version, the Abscisse v.1, and used them even with my full 500 DR series system. Very good speakers for the price.

Plenty of choice at that budget but I would get a demo of the Kudos S20s which would be a perfect match`

Would Titan 505’s be in budget? Maybe ex demo if they are too much above. I know quite a few people here use them with similar systems to yours. I would suggest if you have an NDS/555PS and 252/300/SuperLine then maybe your budget is a bit light and possibly try more expensive options even if it means waiting another year to upgrade.


I would definitely endorse going the ex demo route and maximise value. At this point in time the Kudos Titans receive tremendous feedback for their synergy with naim gear. Hence if I were in the OPs position, I would make a point of auditioning 505 and 606 to see what might be possible with kudos. Many others are available!


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Many thanks for the responses will definitely try to audition all suggested

+1 for Kudos… S20’s are superb and with excellent value for money ratio. +1 for Titan 505’s which are sublime. Step forward into true hi-fi (you know it, when you hear it) and long hours of joy. :slight_smile:

I agree it makes sense to start at PMC.

You could have a look at Sonus Faber and Dynaudio too. At the end of the day, the speaker-room combination is one of the most important aspects. Home auditioning is crucial imo. As said, I think the considerable investment in your excellent front end justifies/deserves way better speakers than a 5K budget allows.

Sooo looks like i need to save some more before go auditioning. Where does kudos??

You can find the dealer list on their website. Do remember that while Kudos may be the current forum darlings, there are plenty of other manufacturers out there who are still making good speakers.