Spending some Bonus

Earlier in the year I bought a XS3 and to go with it, a ND5XS2 - these feed into Vienna Accoustic Bach speakers. Since purchasing I’ve added a switch, a relatively basic one (Netgear GS105) and also picked up a six-way gang from Mark Grant. I was also gifted a PSU (from another coy) which is connected to the XS3.

Whilst I wasn’t expecting a bonus this year, I’ve just been told that yep, I do and whilst it’s relatively small, it did make me think about changing something - I’m happy with what I have, I just wonder whether I can improve upon where I am currently, rather than spend my bonus on DIY projects, I like to also treat myself…

My dealer has offered me the chance to upgrade to the SN3, essentially paying the difference between the XS3/SN3 - this does appeal to me as whilst the XS3 is great, I feel that the SN3 will be a significant improvement and will be all I need(!) over the coming years.

I did toy with swapping out the streamer and getting the NDX2 but my bonus isn’t that great!

Or staying where I am, and change out the speakers…

Money wise, it’s about £1500 - thoughts welcome :slight_smile:

Does a Naim Dac appeal to you to go with ND5XS2 ?

It’s one of the options you have…

But I guess…other community members will chip in soon and help you with the £1500 :grinning:


You could also think about accessories such as a rack, power cords, or interconnects that would also be transportable with future Naim upgrades.

Next options I would look at would be XS3 to SN3 then start saving for the NDX 2 plus Power Supply for a future purchase.

Lots of good options and good luck with your decisions and enjoy the journey!


Maybe a bit left field but what about a second hand XPS-2 for the streamer? I assume its possible to use one on this model. The XPS would give some long term options as well. It can be upgraded to DR spec and would be perfect for the NDX if you did eventually upgrade.

They usually sell for about £1100/1200 and that would leave you enough for a HiLine Interconnect.

Source first…

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The ND5XS2 cannot be upgraded with a power supply.

@Stephen_Tate has just upgraded to a Supernait 3 and is delighted with the improvement in a similar system to yours.


Ahhhh, shame :frowning:

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Yup. ND5 XS 2 - HiLine - HiCap DR - Supernait 3 - is wonderful.

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Do you really want to spend the bonus on a better amplifier only to find you then want the NDX2 to match, and then better speakers? You say you are happy with what you have so why not do nothing. That said, do you have dedicated mains and a decent stand? If not I’d suggest doing that. As to the unapproved power supply, does it really make the XS3 better? Maybe you’d be better with a Hicap.


How about a Powerline and have some left over for other purposes.

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The first thing i would do is get some 5 metre lengths (minimum) NAC A5 expertly made up by a well seasoned dealer. Then come back…

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Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the inputs you’ve all given, it’s certainly given me food fro thought. I do like @stephen_tate comment and his system sounding wonderful, this is the direction I want to head in.

I have thought about the powerline, I’m just not sure my wife will see the value in it though I guess I could do what I did with Mart Grant Power Gang and have it delivered to my neighbour! I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for NAC A5, I saw some a while back now and missed out on picking them up.

Thanks again everyone, have a great friday/weekend.


If you have a good offer on the SN3 then it might make sense to grab that - but (trying to be sensible) only if that isn’t going to make you dissatisfied with the other elements of your system (as HH warns of very sensibly). I spent about five years to move from nd5xs and olive 250 to nds and 300 - when I had the funds I just bought whichever came up available first


Thanks Tim.

I do have a good offer for the exchange, just pay the difference between the two pieces, so not losing money, just spending more!


If There is no real problem with the sound of the XS3…I would say… you could look at other things to spend on

A dedicated mains line
Naca 5

Those kind of things which lay the foundation and be of use to you whenever you upgrade…

A good foundation is a great investment and need not cost as much too…


Or do what a lot of us have found and try Witch Hat Phantom cables, which don’t stand up and are not so rigid that routing and hiding them is a pain. And most of us have found them to be better too. Save yourself the delay in getting to Phantoms.

What else to spend it on? I’d be tempted to use it for something nice - e.g. try a few decent wines that you wouldn’t normally stretch to, that sort of thing. Hifi is sometimes overrated. :slight_smile:


If it were me, I’d take out the non Naim attachment you have and buy a hicap (and a snaic 4 lead to go with it).


Your missing a massive upgrade if you don’t drink wine Stephen. Even the alcohol free stuff is like a black box upgrade! I think it must be the shape of the glass personally. :rofl:

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Yuk. I used to be a regular wine drinker back in the day when i wasn’t happy with my active Naim system. A bottle of wine made things sound a lot better. When i was sober i then realised how rubbish it all really was. Hence why i don’t wine anymore. Best upgrade ever.

I still stand by my properly made up NAC A5 cables. One has not heard their Naim system properly until that is done IMHO.

It really all depends whether you plan on incrementally upgrading your system over time or whether this is a ‘one-off’.
If part of a progressive plan then I’d suggest an NDX2/XS3 would be a better intermediate step than an ND5XS2/SN3.
If a one off then looking at optimising your existing boxes with dedicated mains, interconnects/cables and rack.

Thanks everyone.

There’s lots to think about and I think Stephen’s comment re the speaker cables is a good one, certainly affordable. I’d love to get the NDX2 but for that’s a long way off. I am very much leaning towards the SN3 - I think the combination of that and my streamer will be good - I can then keep saving up for the NDX2 and maybe at the same time, look to bring in the HCDR :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy your music.