Spendor D9.2 questions

For anyone with D9.2’s.
what is your room size?
How far from the walls are they positioned?
How far away do you sit in front of them?
Do you find them at all bass heavy in a normal height room?

Thanks for any answers as I’m comparing them with the D7.2’s as a possible purchase to run with the 252/300DR ( or 250-2).

Room is 5m wide by 8m wide. The speakers are 3 meters apart and around 20cms from the wall.

The installation was set up by my dealer and like me seemed happy with the overall effect.

Bass is more than sufficient - not too much or too little and suits my music perfectly - mostly classical and jazz. They’re still 6 weeks old so have a little more betting in.

They replaced Focal Sopra 2s which my dealer felt were happier with rock!
They’re driven by a wide 252/SupercapDR, 300DR.
The midrange is super and better than the Sopra 2s.

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8 meters long - sorry, getting old!

Thanks I have a room approx the same length but slightly narrower at 3.2m, ceilings higher than the UK average though at 2.6m. My seating position of choice is directly opposite the speakers which are 2.5 m apart max available.

Worth a try then. I’m very pleased with them and they’re very well made. My dealer normally sells as far as the 7.2s and I have a sense will be selling more 9.2s! He sold me the Focals before and could quite understand why I wanted the 9.2s - as well as having something which suits the room better and keeps my wife happy. Sadly she never liked the look the Focal Sopra 2s!

I have the 9, not 9,2. They’re 1,80m from wall to front baffle. Distance from sidewalls to center of baffle is 1,13m. Aprox. 1,85m apart and distance to listening position is aprox. 1,95m. Room is about 4,13x5,6m.

I don’t find them anywhere near bass heavy.

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The deal is done. 9.2 plus RP8 plus another 2i.

Just have to get them here now. Somehow.


Good on you—congrats! Though not .2 version(s), I wavered between the D7 and D9 when moving from Harbeth 7ES-3s and ended-up buying the D7 for a 15.5’ x 17.5’ x 9’ room (though not parallel in the least, with different height knee walls, cathedral ceiling that’s filled-in rather than ‘open’ at the top, and parts of walls that jut and continue). Mine are positioned 7.5’ apart, 4’ from front wall and 3’ from side walls. I positioned them this way to avoid a particularly nasty bass node and further corrected with DSP (AntiMode Dual Core 2.0).
You are in for a real treat let me tell you. The Spendor D series are a special speaker; world-class, really. The bass they produce in this size room is the best I’ve heard. Bass-heavy they are not, nor are they bass light. They do not ‘boom’, either; not in the least. I feel genuinely confident in saying these things (even after supplementing my former speakers with dual SVS subs). Tight, tuneful, impactful and prodigious if the recording allows. That port design is quite clever. Had I the extra funds I have no doubt the Nines would’ve played well in here, too. Again, congrats on a fine, fine speaker.


I’m looking forward to getting them, speakers and 2i are in stock at the dealer but will have to wait for the RP8 from Rega. Apparently they have two in stock.

You’ll certain enjoy them. Mine are in oak and were made to order. I had to wait a couple of months but they were well worth waiting for. I’ve own many speakers over the years including most recently the Focals but have a clear love for the Spendors.
My wife particularly likes them because they’re made just down the road from where she used to teach.

Thanks, I think I will enjoy them and decided to take a chance given the current lack of travel and demoing due to Covid. Of course if I don’t like them I will blame the forum members who recommended them. :slight_smile:
Re the location, we moved from the Sussex coast close to Hailsham, to France a few years back so yes it’s good to keep it local-ish.

France = Focal Sopra 2s! Joking aside, I’m sure you’ll you’ll more than like the Spendor.

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