Spendor evening at the SORG

A very pleasant evening was spent listening to a variety of music through a pair of Spendor Classic 100s. Peter from Spendor explained where the company was at and emphasised its commitment to quality British craftsmen making a quality product.

System was 44.1/16 bit from Tidal through NDX/282/HC/250 to reflect a mid-range system likely to have broad relevance to the audience.

I hadn’t heard these speakers before and was impressed by the neutral and balanced presentation with a good sense of scale. On paper the system might appear to have a mullet tendency but in practice I didn’t sense that - although I’m sure they would do justice to more accomplished electronics. They do have a very traditional boxy aesthetic however that prompted my other half to comment that if I was ever acquire anything like them she’d be out of the door so perhaps they’re not for us!

It was good to talk to some other attendees too - perhaps some of them are on here and might add their thoughts :grinning:



SORG being Sound Organisation, York?

If so, I hope Hamish is well…he was away when my wife and popped in to see him a couple of years ago, sadly. Lovely guy. One of the very best.

Spendor makes exceedingly good speakers.
They did my D9s in a special finish so they matched the furniture.


I wonder what Peter would make of my 32 year old SP2s with improved internal wiring and improved capacitors!

Indeed. Hamish was in fine fettle :grinning:



Good to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes a nice event, I had not experienced Spendor before and always wondered what they were like.

I thought it was interesting how the Classic 100s really came alive with the classical and jazz tracks at the end of the evening. Those big 12 inch drivers could shift some air!

The looks are a bit divisive, a bit too retro for me plus I’m not sure they would fit on my bookshelf :wink:

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Hamish is a top man used to see him regularly at SO when they had their shop in Southwark. In the gang were Roger Macer and Derek Jenkins a gifted engineer of the Linn LP 12 sorely missed.



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