Spent all day demoing dynaudio v kudos

We decided on the Confidence 20 in the end. They sounded incredible to our ears and annihilated the 505 and 606s. Were we missing something? Adult Lego comprised: 252/300/nd555


I always liked the sound and liveliness of the Dynaudio speakers. The problem I had was that my 30 Watts amp was never powerful enough to drive them properly…

I always liked Dynaudio speakers but I haven’t quite got the room for them.



Sweet! Color? You in the states? I just upgraded from Contour 20 to Contour 30. Good chance if o upgrade again it will to Confidence 20.

I found colour choice really challenging. Not a huge fan of their options… ruled out red because it’s quite colourful, and then blonde because we have no light coloured woods. Then stewed on smoke, midnight and raven. Quickly dropped smoke because it’s quite bling. Then literally spent an hour trying decide between raven and blue, so much so that the dealer called Bill at Dynaudio to give us more context as the swatches didn’t really match the speakers in store. Ended up going for midnight gloss - borderline black - but still torn. Argh.

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Can I ask (as it’s not clear from the narrative), was the audition done at home? If not, before you commit to the Dyn’s, you should do this (assuming this is possible).

When the original Kudos Titans emerged to rave reviews by some Forumites, others (inc. me) tried them but couldn’t get them to ‘work’ in our rooms. Very challenging this speaker lark.


I heard Dynaudio Confidence 20s on the end of a 250Dr. The rest was a NDX2 powered by an XPS DR into 282 + HiCap DR. The demo room was quite large and the system played classical very nicely but guitar stuff less based on Ry Cooder’s Mamba Sinuendo. Diana Krall sounded super. At £8,500 they should and I really liked their look.

The purpose of the demo was to listen to Melco and Innuos music servers so that should be factored in.

Never easy to judge systems but I would demo them if I ever got tired of my Focal Sopra 2s which I got for that price.


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No you didn’t miss anything

The confidence Dynaudio speakers are the finest I have auditioned ever on a Naim amplifier.

I don’t find Dynaudio fussy at home, seems to work quite well in my challenging rooms.


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