Spooky Apple Photos AI

This is weird, I’ve had popups on the iPhone for ‘memories’ from various locations e.g. holiday destinations for ages due to photo geo-tagging.

Earlier I got one for ‘From The Kitchen’ showing food I’ve snapped in the kitchen, often for the main food thread here.

I knew they had algorithms for facial recognition and getting text from photos, handy for example if you snapped a business image to get a phone number but hadn’t realised your whole library was now being analysed for specific items/objects.

I wanted to reply in another thread with an image of a heart shaped potato I took - typed potato into the search field in the Mac Photos app and it found it instantly.

Seems just a tad intrusive but clever.

This sort of thing:


Google photos does the same thing. Here are a few of the groupings it’s made.

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My iPhone has been applying metadata to pictures for ages, I realised I could search for e.g. cat and get all my pictures of cats.

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I think it was the ‘From The Kitchen’ which threw methinking it was geolocating to my kitchen and finding food images.

That’s probably wrong and it’s just finding pice with food in them.

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