Spooky - Linn Halo

Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this before.

Very strange especially considering what I was playing - Madonna.


Looks like a ‘ghost of Uniti’ volume control :innocent:


The Nova is undernath the LP12 as it happens.

It’s something of a reminder about sunlight and leaving vinyl (or a dark mat?) on the platter during the summer which it certainly isn’t now - not sure if it’s just ‘low autumn sun’ but I can never recall seeing a reflection off the vinyl like this before.

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Did you get into the groove?


No, but there was a Ray of Light.

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I’d like to go on pelgrimage to your place to say my prayers. Did you also see dripping blood from the tone arm?


No, but the Krystal said it was auditioning for a remake of The Saint.

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