Sports cars genius is back

The guru of gurus in the automotive engineering is stunning the world again.
With a time leap of 25 years after the sublime Mac Laren F1 is now back with the T50 project. In a increasing battle of power and performance figures among mainstream manufactures this is a very welcome concept. Of course this a limited to a small bunch of super rich
But ! How does it sounds to you the T43 project ? a small light affordable sports car at 40k Pounds with a better power to weight ratio than a Porsche 911, a better refinement of a Lotus Elise, etc ?

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In some aspects the engineering is fascinating; in others the costs (capital and running) and performance are so far removed from most folks reality and particularly disconnected from application to road use that it is difficult for me to see what relevance a car like this now has, other than proverbial willy waving with theoretical stats which can only land the owner in jail!

What would be fantastic for me could be Gordon Murray coming up with a groundbreaking car in the Alpine/ Cayman/ Lotus sector where true lightweight production with limited power and grip would provide an excellent driving experience within the legal limits imposed on us all.


In fact there is the T 43 as well like a possible competitor in the sub 50k category.
Furthermore, the beauty of the I Stream tecnology is that you can build a city car like the T27 up to aa high end supercar.

It’s interesting that TVR are using the same tech and their forthcoming Griffith will be powered by a Cosworth tuned Ford Mustang V8, but the price will be £85000+ which is outside the normal TVR price envelope. The prospect of this T43 is I think interesting because it occupies a similar niche to the TVR’s of old and I will certainly be watching developments with interest.

I have found the GT86 a huge amount of fun at road legal speeds, it’s nowhere near as fast as my Griffith and has none of the ‘pin you in your seat and hurl you at the horizon’ midrange punch but I think there’s a lot to be said for a car which can be worked hard on the road without breaking any laws.

Cars like old MGB’s or even Triumph TR4’s or Spitfires were never particularly fast but boy were they fun! I think in the quest for extreme speed manufacturers over the past 20 years or so have somewhat lost sight of the ‘fun’ factor. The Elise, MX5, GT86 show that you don’t need a car capable of extreme speed to enjoy an involving drive.


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