Spot the deliberate mistake…

Saw this video from Dreamedia Home Theater on the ‘tube’….

Amused to see a schoolboy error not far in, @ 4.40, presumably units were not plugged in :grinning:.


That is his second set….the first went up in flames for some reason.

(Joke BTW, I have that system and it is bullet proof).

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There are errors right from the off. The 222 doesn’t need mains power when used with a 300. The smaller Burndy is the wrong way round. I can’t watch any more!


But in the actual real world, wires are bidirectional so it doesn’t matter. Bits are bits etc, don’t forget!


Maaaaaybe…… but if that’s the case, why do Naim persist in putting a light coloured ring around the source ‘end’ of their cables.

To be fair, I’ve never really understood the directionality of cables, but then actually hearing their effect convinced me to buy several PowerLines and SL speaker cables, so what do I know? :joy::joy::joy:


I’m being deliberately provocative. I’m sure lots of people do think it’s important.

Having the cables the wrong way round is surely the way to hear for sure what the Beatles were chantting at the end of Sgt Pepper, alleged to be meaningful if played backwards…

More seriously, there is of course a difference between directionality and orientation to ensure single ended ground connection happens at the most appropriate end.


Wotsup guys its Zach

He clearly forgot the ‘ therefore I stopped at that point.

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Those who search for historical mistakes in the Bible are clearly amateurs.
Enjoy your free time!

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