Spotify connect not displaying playing somg

Spotify connect has stopped displaying the current song . Works ok for the first song , then doesn’t update.also doesn’t display progress bar correctly.
Using a nd5xs2 and android phone . Nd5xs2 is on latest firmware.
Functionality works when playing locally on phone and Tidal is still all good.
All seems to be working ok from ipad.
Any help muchly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I had the same issue yesterday on WXAD. Looks like it is Spotify issue.
Actualy, I from time to time see some similar issues with Spotify. The most frequent is the one when the player does not refresh the status and shows, i.e., a previous song, not the current one.

Yes I’ve experienced that too , maybe I’ll wait until the next version of app is released and see what happens

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