Spotify connect pausing and sticking

Oh BTW also use this to tidy the WiFi…

I may have posted this on this thread… if so, ah well it’s a good app

Wired is not an option for me at all.
I went with hyperoptic last year and their modems don’t plug into an existing phone line. I live in a new apartment and the last thing I wanted was wires on display, so the modem is fixed in the hallway. However I get a very strong signal.

But if wired has no drop outs, even as a test it would point in a specific direction.
Email Spotify…

So Spotify gave me a test account to use… Testing not and so far not a drop out… although my account is MUCH better, streamed yesterday for approx 6 hrs without a glitch, with Varied Wireless use on the system.

To be fair a hot sunday so I imagine less load on the Spotify servers and local Internet connectivity…

I you want to email “, they are available 24x7 and reply nearly instantly…

Tidal support still sleeping :frowning: so they are a no go as far as I am concerned…

I did speak to Spotify via their online chat. They gave me a test account as well, I used it for a couple of hours and the same problem and this was in the daytime.
I will try Spotify again this weekend to see if there is any improvement and let you know.

10TB of music? Good grief! :smiley: That must be 20,000+ albums

Lot of Music… yes it is 10TB( DSD files took up lots of space) With Naim system…music just flow.

same issue here - thanks for raising it - looking forward to seeing any solution. I had trouble free wireless spotify playing for the last 2 years and this week I am suddenly getting this same problem.

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